Dopamine Agonists and catastrophic Obsessive/Compulsive Disorders

Ali, would you like to talk?

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Hi ali j,
You post wherever you feel the need ali j.What you are saying does have a link to the thread topic.I am afraid you are another on the hit list of a person suffering what appear to be Delusions of Grandeur.
Stand up to bullying,because that's what it is when all said and done.The moderators are the only people who should be telling you where and where not to post.
All the best

Hi Titan.

Hull beat Millwall today, and moved up to 4th.

Good, eh?


Plus ça change (plus c’est la même chose).

More of the same on a merry go round of pd sadness.Things will never change.The big pretence always hides that reality underneath.Where at the end of the day,each word is of no consequence,except for that fleeting moment of adrenaline which proves that body still functions.Then tucked away in a vault growing dusty with time,as time itself thunders past a body catatonic to the core.

Very profound.

The thing is, these soft southerners come up here for a game of footie, but as soon as they get one wintry North Sea gust up their jacksies off the bitter Humber estuary they start to shake like leaves - you can actually watch the wusses disintegrate before your very eyes.

This is a trawlerman's city. It's no coincidence that we also have TWO rugby league sides in the top flight. That's LEAGUE, not the girlie Union game.

Take us on if you dare!

Quote: "This thread is specifically about catastrophic OCDs."

That's what I thought, but apparently folk disagree.

Seems now we can post anything, anywhere.

Anyone see Deep Purple on TV on Friday?


ive just had along conversation with one of me freinds,and he said that my mirpexon he thinks has the symtoms of how im feelin now,iam rite to think that all the mixture iam expercining at the mo still has mira ive said i see my neuro on the 22nd dec it been brought forward from feb cus they wont me to have another brain scan ,say there is some thing else goin on with me brain as well as the pd symtoms,it scares me and i turned it down for now,till i get through wot im goin through now.i will then have the brain scan when i feel im mentally and phisically ready for freind his dad suffers with pd and is on mira and sinemet just like me and he is gettin simular symtoms as me self ,which made us both think mira had the connection.i came here to ask if even if feelin low and wmoutional about me self,that the voices and wontin to spend money like as if there was no tomorrow had the connection to the drug ,or even sinemet ,im on that also,thing is im on quite alist of drugs at the mo for various things,but sinemet ,mira is the too which makes me wonder.ive tryed to do some resurch through the internet as much as possible,me gp told me to ask other members of the forum ,or pd freinds i new,till i saw me neuro on thursday .im glad ive had the convo with me freind i dont feel so alone now,but would still like to no who else is or has had simular sytoms as im expercing,its makin me very low how i feel at the mo.which i no u would quite understand :smile:

So I reckon Hull are a dead cert for promotion!

Hi Ali,

I have also experienced auditory and visual hallucinations from PD meds. Once the meds were adjusted it stopped. Below is a useful info sheet which I think you will find useful. If the auditory hallucinations are troubling you, making you feel anxious and you feel you can't wait until the 22nd December to see your Neurologist, I strongly suggest you contact your PD Nurse or Neurologists secretary for advice.

You could also try searching the forum posts by typing hallucinations or auditory hallucinations into the forum search engine. Just click on "Search forum" top left of forum page above "forum activity"

Hope this helps, good luck.

thankyou very much for this information cutipie,i will take alook at the information sheet rite now,ive tryed to get hold of me pd nurse,but it keeps goin through to voicemail,ive left too messages and nothin came back,i then found out he was on annual leave,so it left me in the situation of askin on here for help or wait for the 22nd ,which i no is not along way from now,but as u no when ur sufferin time seems so much longer to you .agin thankyou x:smile:

Have you tried the PUK helpline ali? They have experienced nurses who are extremely helpful.

i spoke to one last friday ,and all i did is cry and cry on the phone i could not get me words sout wot i wonted at all,so i gave up,today im feelin bit beter,thankgoodness ,so i shall give them a try agin monday when there back in the office agin .ino there there to help,ive spoke to them in the past and they been very helpful to me.but thanks agin for the advice x:smile:

While I was away from this forum recently spending a few weeks in Ali's forum, I was contacted by two more cases of PD patients being unwittingly prescribed DAs and suffering severe life-changing OCDs. Hopefully these can be added to the current class action being constructed against certain drug manufacturers.

No matter what people would like to think, there are still loads more DA/OCD cases crawling out of the woodwork.

It is really frightening to think that if we were to harness all the obvious eloquence associated with this forum, we might even be able to organise ourselves into something of a force to be reckoned with.
Maybe if some of us were as quick to fight our cause instead of will ting each other, we could achieve something.
Ali, good luck on Monday. Hope that you have some joy in tracing the cause of your distress.
As for who posts what where, I am generally just happy to be able to get onto a posting at the moment. Let's just keep talking.

I actually DO spend most of MY lucid, waking time working for my cause, Mrs T.



i rung up the puk helpline yesturday ,and spent 20mins on the phone,chatted through things,and we both agreed that my mirpexon could well be my prob with other things goin on with me,im glad i rung,the lady i spoke to had time for me,never shoved me off the phone,and never told me to go away ,flt wonted for a change to be able to tell some one:smile:i go to see meneuro on thursdy which im dreadin cus i no im goin to have presure shoved on me to have a another brain scan cus they think some thing else goin on with me then just pd,even if me dr has rote aemail to ask them to back off from me for a while till i get through health probs i got at mo,i dunna wont to go,cus they have brought it forward from feb to dec,which concerns me,but i will never no why until i do go,i no this.fingers crossed,i will get through all this.and with surport from the forum as well,i would like to say thankyou to people who gave me some of there help .x:smile: