Dopamine agonists and minor " addictions"


I've been taking drugs for PD for over 6 years now - sinemet and mirapexin and have seen the many debates about the problems that come with dopamine agonists.

I just wanted to highlight how the Mirapexin has affected me. I have not been hit by one of the “major” addictions such as gambling but am fully aware that I now have addictions that weren’t there before the PD drugs. Using the word minor in the title isn't really right but I couldn't think of another way of putting it.

Computer – I have been obsessive with playing word games, puzzles such as Silversphere, back gammon – keeping up to scratch with what’s been going on, on the PD forums and chatting on MSN. In-between the games are adverts for bingo etc –so tempting but I will never press that button knowing the problems that can occur.

I spend a lot of time on my own and the computer has given me a lifeline however when it became more important than being with my husband, and getting things done, I realised I had a problem - quite a few times he has threatened to cut the plug off.

This addiction has been so time wasting and also not good for my muscular pain – sitting at a computer desk for hours on end is bad news.

I have cut down considerably. I set myself a time limit at night – normally works. I ask myself – do I really want to be playing this game and if the answer is no – I turn computer off. I make sure I do other things that the computer is not needed for. Winter is the worse time – when I can’t get out.

Buying clothes and shoes - I found myself buying clothes that I knew I would never wear. I justified this by saying “its on the sale rail, a bargain”. I have a passion for high heel shoes but can’t wear them much now so why was I still buying them? Another addiction. I’ve curbed my shopping by not going into town so often but also asking myself the question –“Do I really need this” every time I pick up a new dress etc. It works for me. Don’t get me wrong – I still buy clothes but on a much more sensible level.

All I can say is I control my addictions – my husband knows about them and keeps an eye on the shopping one. The computer isn’t used when he is at home normally, unless he has gone to bed but then I set myself a time to turn it off by. These controls work most of the time which I am thankful of.

For me it was admitting the problem that was tough - finding a solution or compromise has been a challenge but I have achieved this fortunately. I am sure I am not alone with these fights?

Breeze, you could be my twin. The computer usage, the shopping for bargains puzzles. I have been justifying by telling myself that I am not doing anyone any harm, I'll never get those shoes at this price again, crosswords & brain teasers stimulate my brain.All quite possibly true, but I am aware that this is not how I used to behave. On the other hand, mobility & concentration difficulties limit my activities. And O/H is resigned to returning unsuitable goods.
I was punding day and night buying and selling on Ebay, most of it rubbish I didn't like or want, but I was obsessed with making a profit.

However this eventually led me to fraud and the law...
Interesting and valid thread Breeze.

These "minor" issues can cause relationship problems as well as a numb bum.

As Ray points out they can lead to more serious problems.
For Amy