Dopamine Agonists

Morning all.
I was prescribed Ropinirole XL on top of my Co-Careldopa to counteract ‘wear off’. I took my first one yesterday afternoon 2mg. A few hours later I was experiencing major side effects including headache, feeling sick, sweating. I got up during the night and nearly fainted. I feel very ill. I have called my P Nurse and just awaiting her to call back.
Meantime, I was wondering if anyone has experienced such side effects from Ropinirole and what was done about it?
Is there an effective Agonist out there with less severe side effects?
Thanks :nauseated_face:

Good morning Dusty68 … I am 69 & have Atypical Parkinson’s. I was prescribed Madopar first, then taken off it & then put on Ropinirole. I took 7 days x 1 pill & 3 days x 2 pills … I then saw my Neurologist who asked how I was finding the drug. I told him there was 1 day where I felt a tiny bit sick but nothing else good or bad. So I was taken off it after being told that if there were to be benefits I would have noticed. So I’m now on nothing at all. I did feel an amazing high the day I stopped taking Ropinirole. Shows it does affect the brain.

Do doubt you will be told that everyone reacts differently to drugs. You’ll probably be told to stop Ropinirole & to try another drug. Are you on any Blood Pressure medication? Have you taken a blood pressure reading? These pills can lower blood pressure causing fainting.

Best wishes

Hi Steve. Thanks for your response.

I stopped taking Ropinirole after that first episode. I see my PD Nurse in a couple of days so hopefully we’ll agree on an effective way to counteract wear off.

The blood pressure info would explain the fainting episode.