Dopamine and behaviour

I thought I'd share this article with you because it explains very well why people with Parkinson's behave the way we do. The lack of motivation, mood swings, binge eating, gambling, risk taking behaviour, constant craving for something to lift your mood, pleasure seeking activities.

Some interesting questions are raised ~ read on, I think you'll find it interesting?...

"...It is the role that dopamine plays in pleasure and motivation that attracts the most neurobiologists attention as well as mine.

In certain areas of the brain when dopamine is released it gives one the feeling of pleasure or satisfaction. These feelings of satisfaction become desired, and the person will grow a desire for the satisfaction. To satisfy that desire the person will repeat behaviours that cause the release of dopamine. For example food and sex release dopamine. That is why people want food even though their body does not need it and why people sometimes need sex. These two behaviours scientifically make sense since the body needs food to survive, and humans need to have sex to allow the race to survive. However, other, less natural behaviours have the same effect on one's dopamine levels, and at times can even be more powerful. Often these behaviours can result in addiction due their effect on dopamine, and that addiction can have negative effects on a person's well-being."

Imran Siddiqui.

You can read the full article at:
Hi Cutiepie,
Read the full article,particularly interested because i have gambled on horses and greyhounds all my life.Interesting thought though is,fruit machines,bingo ,on line betting,casinos etc don,t interest me.
Anyway,as regards to dopamine levels.Before going on DA,s(Mirapexin),my interest in gambling had taken a massive dip.I believe this was down to the low levels of dopamine.As soon as i started,Azilect 1st for couple of weeks,my interest began to soar.I was happy again,interested again,excited again.Ellevated even more so when Mirapexin added.
This excitement is what i look forward to each day.Especially as i won £195 today,that on the back of £600 on saturday.How strong is the pull,i don,t know,its something i have always done.I can quite literally exhaust myself betting,but it gets me through often dull days.If i,m not loosing Thousands,what harm am i doing.
The other thing that interests me is the hereditary,environmental debate,especially the traumatic event in childhood issue.I have a few issues from childhood,has this really had an effect on my desire to gamble.What was the trigger.Me,i think it was putting a bet on the grand national and enjoying the adrenaline and excitement,but can definitely feel the increased rush since going on DA,s.
Is it a bad thing if it makes you happy,as long as its not damaging,why stop.Anyway,off to take another tab,and count my winnings.
All the best