Dopamine overdose

My family recently went through a horrific episode whereby grandad who has pretty advanced Parkinson’s developed severe paranoia and Othello syndrome. It turns out he had been taking 10x too much. Came close to being sectioned. NHS poorly monitored dosage. Dosage fixed and symptoms disappeared. How many families live with savage behavioral issues as a result of wrong dosage? Made us think.

Hello ConcernedRelative101
I just wanted to thank you for posting your granddad’s experience. How awful for him and the whole family. You make a very valid and important point. Medication is so important to people with Parkinson’s, for most of us it is all we have to keep us going and a reminder to check medication should things go awry, as they did for your granddad, is never a bad thing. It was good to hear your he is much himself once again.

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