Dopamine resistance - what next?


My partner has been taking dopamine based medication for six weeks but no improvement. Consultant says he may be dopamine resistant. Is there an alternative?


Hi Edna, I've just noticed that nobody has replied to your message. If you'd like to talk this through with somebody you could phone our helpline and talk it through with one of our specialist nurses - we're on 0808 800 0303.

Does anybody have any experiences that they can share with Edna?




Hi, This is my first time on here and reading your cmment i am havng a smilar roblem with my husband.  He was diagnoised about 4 yrs ago.  Each medication seemed t have lasted about nine months before any rewards disappeared. I am also wondering where we go from here.



welcome - I hope you enjoy the forum an get a lot of help.

Sharons suggestion to phone Puk and speak to a nurse is good - they will phone you back and I have found them to be very caring and helpful and of course, knowledgeable.