Dosage Plus

Not sure if this post was printed.  Taking Requip XL 2 mg a week up to 8 mg but concerned about taking 4 x 2mg for a week, seems like a lot!  Should I be concerned about this?  Would prefer to take 1 tablet.  Prescription ok?


Also have heard that if you don't have a tremor your Parkinson's progresses faster (mine is internal, shakes when I hold something but mainly stiffness.  Have had some visual focus/blurred vision recently.

Hi Soulmate

Many thanks for your post. As you may know already Parkinson’s is incredibly varied and effects people in very different ways.

At the moment it’s impossible to predict who will develop Parkinson’s and how it will be progress. There is research taking place observing large groups of people with the condition that monitors their symptoms over a long period of time. Ultimately these studies could help us to understand why the condition is so varied and allow us to predict how Parkinson’s will progress in individuals.

It is possible that there are different types of Parkinson’s which progress in a different ways but as yet we can’t be sure whether particular symptoms such as tremor are related to a faster or slower developing condition.

I hope this is helpful, you may also find our ‘Tremor and Parkinson’s’ information sheet useful which is available here -

Best wishes


The Research Team