Double vision

hi has anyone got double vision and is it possible it,s caused by pd meds.ido have v.small cateract but optician does,nt think it,s the cause

Hi Peter,

I suffer with double-vision which is being treated by the local hospital eye clinic. It has got worse with time, and it started as tiny spots before my eyes. The optician told me it was “floaters”, bits of debris , but I decided to see the eye doctor for a second opinion. After doing some tests she told me I had a small retinal detachment which was causing the double-vision, and making it difficult to read, watch tv, and spoiling day to day living.

The doctor prescribed “prisms” to be fitted to my glasses, to reduce the effect. The prisms are made from a flat lens, called a Fresnel lens and take just minutes to fit.

They seem to do the trick and reduce the double-vision. I continue to get the spots before my eyes though I don’t notice them so much now. My Parkinson’s advisor told they were caused by the condition and that they might go away.

hi tom thanks for replying i,m due at opticians in couple of weeks will mention it i think it,s playing havoc with my balance as physio not helped much about to try idiot,s guide to yoga vision worse when i switch from looking at one object to another thanks for info

I get double vision usually only when my consultant is playing with my DBS settings on Thursday I noticed this quite a lot. I do notice though that my vision has got worse recently.

hi jenny thanks for the reply i,m now convinced that my tiny cateract is not problem need to discuss with optician starting to get me worried good to hear from you

Hi Peter, could be the meds, when I was taking amitryptiline it affected my sight!

I know it may sound an odd thing to say, but I am completely resigned to my PD, but my big hope is to be free of this violent tremor!
Bless. You xx

hi jenny i take nortriptyline better read up on it don,t know if you,ve seen my posts on cbd oil lots of conflicting reports but i know myself and laneystar have had some benefit along with some others check ride with larry and michael j fox foundation should find mine under canabis oil or holland and barret will try to find my invite page let me know what you think