Double Vision

Hi out there,

Has anyone been suffering with double vision I get it when in the car from the light flickering through the trees and if I look a fluorescent lights.

Also if there is to much movement from someone stood or sitting beside me.


Be grateful for some advice.


Thanks BB. x


Hello Bettyblue

I've only just seen your post

I do see double sometimes. With me it's to do with tiredness, in the evening if I watch telly with a talking head eg news then I see separate heads and have to concentrate to slide them together.

I also get problems if I am a bit dehydrated -- twinkly lights and everything looking as if it is part of a jigsaw, with the lines running through it.

You're not wearing glasses in your picture, do you need anyhelp at all.


Hi Bettyblue.......I have had double vision since a child and have got used to everything you describe, annoying when you see 2 balls coming towards you when you play table tennis but i use 2 bats!!!! seriously. I have never known any different  but i would say if it has happened suddenly then get a referral to an eye specialist, or better still mention it to your Neuro consultant or nurse. This happened to a pal of mine who for 3 years was just given prisms on her glasses, and was misdiagnosed. My advice if you are concerned then get it checked out.

Warmest wishes


Thanks both of you I had a eye test a couple of Saturdays ago and I now have to wear glasses with prisms in and they are working. So thank you Mosie & Dolly I really appreciate you getting back to me.


Best Wishes to both of you BB xx


I get a lot of problems with double vision and blurred vision. I have had prisms put in my glasses but doesn't seem to help that much. I usually am worse in the afternoon when my pain levels are higher. I was wondering if anyone else gets blurred vision through pain. My eye specialist doesn't seem to know what the cause is. I would appreciate anybody elses comments on this !!!!


Hi Jiddyoo......Please don't ignore it, prisms can help temporarily but you need to get to the root of the cause. my pal was misdiagnosed in 2011, she even had a scan at the eye hospital and it was missed. Since then the vision got worse and headaches started followed by a little numbness in her face......she is now going to Kings hospital nest Monday for major surgery as her Tumour has doubled in size. My Husband is in a neuro hospital in Haywoods Heath and has had a large Brain tumour and cyst removed yesterday, his symptoms were very gradual but it became urgent and they got him in last week. I saw him today though he will not remember that as he is drugged and wired up but thanks to the skill of an amazing surgeon he will in time have his life back and for that i am truly grateful. We ignored symptoms for a while and he had tests for so many things and the double vision could be caused by so many things, but persist with finding out........i wish you well ....and keep us posted.

luv Dolly xxxxx

Hi to both of you i have had a eye test and been given some glasses with prisms in and they do help. My double vision is caused by my PD. If your glasses are not working to correct this issue maybe the prism level is set to low. I would try another optition if i was you. Let me know how you get on kindest regards BB xx

Hi Dolly

I have been under an eye specialist now for 5 yrs and nobody seems to know what causes my double and blurred vision. I have to go every 6 weeks to get my prisms checked. Sometimes they make them stronger and then next time maybe weaker. It is driving me mad not knowing what is causing it.  I have had to give up driving because of it and I really miss my independance.

I have had 2 brain scans so I don't think it could be a tumour but nobody seems to know the cause. My husband thinks it is something to do with the vast ammounts of medications I take. It is nearly always in the afternoon and evening when it happens. It can happen at any time and about 5 out of 7 days a week.  I will keep you informed if I find anything out but after all this time I am not holding my hopes out .

I am so sorry to hear about your husband and your pal hope all  goes well for them.

Love Jean xxx




Hi I just thought I would update you about my blurred vision problems. I have been back to the eye hospital and seen the specialist who has now decided to send me for a scan on the back of my eyes as my problems are getting worse. I have just received my appt and it is for 8th May to the Macular clinic. I will let you all know how I get on. Love Jean x

Double vision can be but is not always a pd symptom my vision changed within two weeks and my optician picked up my problem but you need to tell them xx BB

Hi All

I was diagnosed with Gluacoma 30 years ago and recently had cateracts in both eyes removed and folllowing this, I had laser surgery in both eyes. 

After this year's opticians appointment, I was informed that I needed a prism in the right eye of my glasses to help stop my double vision.  Closing one eye when looking at something helps!

I've been through so much on this subject so if you have any concerns about this, I'll be very happy to see if I can help. I'm not a professional so I'm only talking about my experiences.   (sorry about the pun!).  I'm a good listener too.


All the best


My double vision i corrected by prisms.

Scans of eyes and head show no tumour.

Neuro chap thinks it is part of PD and I go along with that.

Hi both of you double vision is a symptom of PD it can be found on the symptoms list on this Website. 

Best wishes to both of you BB X


I got diagnose with glaucoma a year after parkinsons also sufferwith dry eye all controlled with drops also have to wesr glasses but try not to wear all the time as big believer more you wear your eyes get lazy then need higher strength glasses well that's me

HI All I have been back to see my neurologist and he has tested me for Myasthenia Gravis, but that has come back negative. So I hope they can find out what the problem is at the eye hospital tomorrow when I have my scan. My eyes are getting worse all the time and i have to wear dark glasses ( prescription)  all the time.

I hope mine is not due to Parkinsons as i don't think i could cope with it like this all the time. i have  been wearing Prisms in my glasses now for 4 yrs  and they are worse than ever.

I had a friend with double vision.  She didn`t have Parkinson`s.  One lens of her glasses had lines on it and the other didn`t.  That cured her double vision but I don`t know any more about it.  Hope it will help some of you.


Hi Jidyoo,

I can certainly empathise with what you are saying but please don't think the worst if you are told you have PD.  There are so many new different medications on the market and maybe they will change your glasses prescription.

I had Acute Glaucoma in both eyes 28 years ago so had two ops.  Then more recently, 2 Cataract operations in both eyes, followed by laser surgery early last year.   I also have a  prism for my right eye.  I've had  PD for 16 years and I'm on tons of drugs (bit of an exaggeration but not much) and of course, the ApoGo pump. 

It's bl.  .dy difficult I know but until you get the results, keep calm and only deal with one problem at a time.

All the best to you.


Hi Everyone....Just thought i would send an update of my pal who had the double vision 4 years ago  and was misdiagnosed. Thankfully after a  scan at a Neuro hospital she was diagnosed correctly with a rare tumour, apparently 1 in a million. She had 5 ops in 7 weeks at Kings in London and then followed by 7 weeks in Switzerland having Proton Beam therapy, she is home and i saw her yesterday, she looks amazing considering all she has gone through. She will have to be monitored for the next 20 years! but still has the double vision!!! though they have suggested Botox injections in the eye, but no guarantees. So although thankfully she is Tumour free she is still having to wear the prisms on her glasses. My double vision was spotted when i was tiny and so i don't know any different, at the time they thought it could have been caused by measles. Now they think as my Dad was the same that it could be genetic. Seems there are many reasons and thoughts on this. Wishing you all well 

Luv Dolly x

I too recently found out via a friend who has double vision and she defo does not have PD that it is a condition on its own as well as a PD symptom. Don't fancy the botox myself  as cassie says keep calm and only deal with one problem at a time.


BB xx


Thanks to your responses, I realised I didn't mention double vision but that was a shame  because that was the whole point of my post!

I've had all this stuff done and I still have double vision.  Worst time of day is the the morning when I look at my watch and can't make out if the correct time is through my left eye or right. Also, Floaters are a pain for me too.


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