Down in the dumps

im going off the forum and laptop for a few days,i had a run in with some people again today ,and been told some very hurtful stuff about me,and i carnt cope,again,i people say ignore it,but i carnt remove it from my mind,and dont no if pd,and depression has a part to play in this,but its the best thing for me.i will speak soon.x.:cry:
So sorry - people can be so hurtful. Stay in touch with us here, don't withdraw.
Hi Ali j, I'm really sorry that this has happened. I hope you are not off the forum for long. It is good to talk to other people. We are not responsible for other peoples actions. They have a problem which needs sorting out. Please pm if it helps. Take care. Jem xx
I think some people think that the openess and the anonymity of the internet gives them a right to be unpleasant or 'truthful'. Often people don't realise they are being cruel but as a rule mostly if someone is unpleasant online they are unpleasant ... end of... especially if it involves vulnerable people on a forum like this one. Really, try and ignore them and if they become a nuisance report them.
Hi I am so sorry, as if we all haven't got enough to contend with. Do stay with the forum, generally people are great. I get quite down enough myself without help from thoughtless people.