Downhill racer

my stepfather was diagnosed 2yrs agoconfusedand after seeing the specialist he was put on madopar, the dose of which has been increased and increased(100mg/25mg x2 four times a day) without any benefit. he also takes half sinemet 25mg/100mg once daily and has recently been put on Ropinirole 4mg. the thing is he has deteriorated at anevil alarming rate and does not appear to have any benefit from any medication he has been given, any help/advice would be greatly appreciated and most welcome.


i would speak to his pd nurse ,it seems a bit of a mix & match drugs but im not a gp .maybe its a bit of trail & error with the meds at a early stage .i would phone his nurse to make appt & go with him so they can explain to you & also you can have a word to ! best of luck,that half a sinemet is it a slow release,as normal half a sinemet is 62.5mg