Downton abbey

Did anyone else see Carson in christmas days edition ,with shaking palsy ( parkinsons ) thought this was very good awareness for parkinsons uk 


Yes i spotted it when he was holding the papers and then it developed into the story, PUK has a story a couple of the cast have a family connection with Parkinsons & one if not both have jumped onboard with PUK.

My nephew is a member of the cast in Downton and has become a Supporter of PUK.   I am a very proud Aunty!

I had picked up on that too when I watched it on I player. didn't realise that's what they used to call it.

A big thank you to your nephew! His support for the charity in whatever way he is able to contribute is much appreciated.

It must give you such a boost to know he has become one of PUK's Supporters!!big grin