Dr jonny r i p

I have only just been informed of the death of our great friend Dr Jonny, I am shocked by this news as his wisdom and witty comments often lifted me and inspired me to face up to our mutual enemy BLACKHEART, PD  it is even more sorrowful  for me as we swapped info about  Ddopa , he said he was worried it may effect his independance, well Dr John, you need never worry again, your destination is wonderous  all knowledge will be yours and the evil that is Parkinsons will never harm you again, you will be greatly missed by all on this Forum Farewell old friend, if you are reading this AS I KNOW YOU ARE,  In  many ways I envy you, perhaps one day we will meet then we can have a great time in deep space  exploring all of the known universe

crysad facecry                               Regards to all                Fedexlike


          I am a little surprised by the lack of acknowledgement to my post , I feel his loss, he was interested in the Duodopa system and his many posts were always knowledgeable and witty,have I been having one of my night terrors , or has jonny really left us.



Hi Fedexlike,


I have just read your post about Dr Jonny and am sorry to hear he has passed away, as you say he is in a better place now. His posts were always interesting and you must miss him as you had a common interest in the Duodopa system, I knew someone else on this but they were taken off a few years ago before they improved it.

I read your posts and realise you have a real struggle with Blackheart as you call it,my husband is still struggling and he is 70 yrs now, keep going that's all you can do isn't it.

my very best wishes to you and your wife.



      Hello vivian

                           Thankyou for your kind words, Yes I do miss the exchanges of wisdom and mischievous wit of Dr Jonny, his need to know as much as possible about Ddopa and his fears were obviously something I could help him with, Jonny was a very intelligent and caring young man and is a sad loss to us, never mind his family,who knows what he may have achieved had he lived, I know his words often mirrored my thoughts, I would often think,,"oh yes I will post this or that on the Forum" and he had already done it, ,,a great man and a sad loss indeed.

                                             Kindest Regards        Fed

Sorry, Fed, that you found out so late about Dr Jonny. We were told on 3 Jan that he had passed away suddenly, in the thread Sad news - dr jonny. We were all devastated.

Later I found an article which gave us more information on his death, and this gave us a bit of closure. We still miss him greatly.


Take care, Fed!