Dramatic change after hospital stay

My dad broke his arm over 4 weeks ago and is still in hospital having had 2 infections and we are now looking at a residential home for him as his symptoms have progressed a lot from mobility, confusional state, co-ordination and continence. All been dramatically changed in a short space of time and wondered if this was something anyone else had experienced? Not sure he will ever get back to how he was pre hospital!!

Hospitals are not good places for the elderly and those with conditions such as PD. A 4 week stay is quite long....My Mum was in hospital a few times and she declined in many ways-with each hospital stay and was confused and anxious and needed lots of extra support. Once discharged she did pick up and got back to more like she had been pre-hospital......but always a bit worse than she had been.

I think the environment and break in routine and all the procedures and different staff etc...and the poor hospital management of PwP and losing control of her medication (and then not getting her meds on time' was all 'to blame.'  

So yes I have watched my Mum decline over hospital stays as you have observed your Dad. Not sure how old your Dad is or where he is on his PD journey but infection/breaks and hospitalisation all have an affect and hopefully once into a different environment you will see some positive changes.


My dad who is 77 and was diagnosed 18 years ago,  was in hospital with pneumonia in january, and has had two urine infections since he came home. He cannot seem to get back on top of his medication since he got out of hospital. I know the urine infections do not help with the confusion, but  have tried allsorts to get him to remember his meds on time, also he is sleeping a lot.

We have had to increase his carer visits and are now trying to get the visits to coincide with medication times, just to take the worry away. I am worried that his Parkinsons is advancing , but until we know that the urine infection is gone completely, we won't know for definite. I have seen a huge deterioration in him regarding his independance and he said today that he had been "seeing things" for a while now. Now he has said this I'm going to contact his Parkinsons nurse asap. He has an appointment with her in April but I need some advice before then .He is okay when I am having a normal conversation with him, but so confused with his drugs.

Earls, I totally get where you are coming from. Don't think what I've said will make you feel better but you are not alone. Hope you see an improvement in your Dad soon

Take care, Sandra

Thanks Sandra. Dad is 75 and had Parkinson's for about 5 years and has slowly progressed but this has been the biggest set back by far. He also is having urine infections and likes to sleep a lot!! Nice to hear other similarities. With regards your dads hallucinations not sure if it helps but just before Christmas dad was diagnosed with Parkinson's related dementia. At that time he was offered medication but on talking to his Parkinson's nurse she said she wasn't sure how much benefit it would have unless he was hallucinating. Not sure if that may be what your dad has developed. 

Thanks just hearing others experiences helps.


Thanks Keid. No I agree hospitals aren't great and his experience in the acute hospital was poor and given wrong medication which mum had to pick them up on and needing to prompt to be given. I have to say it's much better in community hospital. My guess was we are never getting back to where we were but good to hear that is what we need to expect.

unfortunately not able to go home but needing residential care for spell but hopefully we can get him home and some normality

Earls, going to the residential home will be like half way house and give all of you some respite! It should be better than in the hospital in that the staff will be more consistent and become familiar...and they will build up a better relationship with you all and your Dad and the other people around will not be changing all the time as in a hospital. So it should be an easier environment and that will help reduce the confusion and anxiety.

Hope it all goes OK, and as Sandra said you are not alone in what you are going through....not that that helps really but it does help to know that others know how it can be!!