Dreaded es f2f


Hi. ESA f2f coming on FrFr. Had picouple weeks aga andwent into random confused waffle zone and spoiled all my careful prep. ndwge c Have feeling will do same on Fri.

Doing relaxation and breathing ex to keep calm, maybe I should give up and just gonervous wreck heehee, 


I hate the way I feel I have lost control of my body, I hate the way I feel I have lost control of my mind, I hate that I feel I have to be interogated by a complete stranger to prove I need help because I cant cope with work. I hate that the decision to give up work was not mibe but forced on me.  I,m sorry but I needed to say that.trae. trantrahope you understand.hope


Hi porthos,

I'm sorry to hear that you are feeling like you've lost control - it sounds like things are tough at the minute. If it would help to talk things through, please do remember that our Helpline advisers can offer confidential advice and information about employment and benefits. You can reach the Helpline team on 0808 800 0303, and they're available Monday-Friday: 9am-7pm, Saturday: 10am-2pm.

Take care,



Thankyou. I have problems getting my voice heard on telephone so don't usually use it, but if I get too stressed I will give it a go. If datscan confirms diagnosis I know future will be better supported. When I filled out form I had not even provincial DX so all I could wasxwaffle away about symptoms. Last year I was put straight in support group without f2f and I think I was expecting same again.. I think it's doesn't help that instead of being smiley positive for a while you have to oo doom and gloom about how you feel, which of course makes you feel worse. 


Hi. I survived te f2f although I found it very distressing as did my daughter who supported me on the day. The really weird thing is I have just received notification that I have been placed in support group another year dated several days before the f2f. Do these people actually know what they are doing?