Dreadful feeling

My husband complains of a dreadful feeling which comes over him and goes through his body from head to toe.
I can see when it’s happening as he goes ashen in the face and has difficulty focusing. His eyes look glazed.
It leaves him feeling absolutely dreadful and drained.
Anyone else felt this sensation
Thank you

Can you provide any more details e.g. how often and when this occurs, before or after medication, has this always been happening or just lately, any changes to medications recently, how is your husband afterwards, can he walk/talk etc. Im hoping you then get some more replies as it sounds horrendous.

Hi KK1,

TheLippyOne is correct.
Please give us more info, then maybe we can help.

Hi I know just how he feels that feeling you describe is what I say is my battery has run out. That sudden feeling of fatigue and exhaustion usually happens when the medication is running out and you are entering an off period. It usually last about 40 mins and is very distressing.