Dreams of terror


  HELLO I KNOW ive posted before about the vivid dreams I have every  night  and day  using  the  words terror and  horror are not  adequate  for  these monstrous vile terrifying journeys my  mind  takes every  night but i  feel my  mind cannot take  much  more. also  its 1 year since my  mother died and  1  year since the  crushing  back  injury which inflicts pain in my lower back and  both  legs the  like  of  which I have never experienced, now I dont  know if  I have missed something but  the Neuro Dept  at  my  local hosp has  recommended a epidural of  more   power than  the last two which did  not work  at all, but only if they can get funding, now ive paid NI AND  TAXES all my  working life i  never thought  I would receive mail saying  yes we   can  ,but

                      But  what,  so  I am in   agony for  over  1 year and  have  badgered and  bullied and blackmailed  all to  no  avail as  i  still have  no  appointment, and  as  you  will imagine the pain both physical and  mental, oh  i forgot, Lew Keemia, and chronic kidney failure associated with  nail patella  syndrome  well  these ills are  enough to  create NIGHT TERRORS  im  sure you  will agree.

             On Tuesday there will be  great exitement when the gathering of the  many  well  7 of  us Lady J of Grey  and her  Sis   Twinks TEE HEE and Betty Blue  Me my wife are meeting for a good few  hrs,  I hope it  all  goes well as I have been eagle Lee, no  thats  correct I  have a EAGLE  called LEE, Though he want  be there as he is  not potty  trained shall  we  say so I am  really  for  ward looking and  will post a post on the  forum upon the  subject asap

                                                           FED4big grin