Dribbling and drooling

Any strategies for coping with this condition? I don't want to rush into taking yet more medication. Botox injection in the salivary glands has been mentioned?
Hi there Cadno.
Funilly enough I was only talking about dribbling and drooling to my PD Nurse this morning as I suffer a little from this problem. She said that unless it is very bad, many have found it helps to suck a 'tic tac', as this gets you into the habit of sucking excessive fluid back and swallowing it. She also mentioned that there are certain eye drops (yes I did say eye drops!) which they use to dry up tear ducts, and they have found that it helps dribbling. We didn't go into it but no doubt you pd nurse can help out. Maybe there is someone on the forum who has knowledge of it. Hope you find this of use. Best of luck
Thanks for your advice Chunkie I'm seeing my Parkinson Nurse today - I'll discuss the eye-drops treatment with her.