Drink thickener

We had the speech therapist to see hubby today and his problem with swallowing was discussed. She suggested using a thickener in his drinks. I wonder if anyone uses this and is it any good. We also asked her about his stutter and stammering which has started and she says its normal for Parkinson people. Anyone have the same problem and how do you overcome it if you can?

Hi Sue,

My cousin had the same situition with your hubby and yes she had encountered those symptoms as well... she has talking difficulties after swallowing.

She consulted her doctor they had advised her to use thickening agents.
There are lots out there to choose from. however you have to avoid some foods such as jelly, popsicles, ice creams, custards, and any gelatine desserts because this foods may cause aspiration.

She also visited her speech pathologist, and her pathologist advised some exercises to improve feeding and swallowing strategies.


Hope that helped...

Surely other members here at the forum would share to you their experience as well.. :-)

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that's very interesting Winnie.

I have deliberately giving my husband jellies thing it would soothe and hydrate him at the same time . I am aware that fluids can cause trouble particularly water which is live . I learned quite a lot about it when my mum had a very bad stroke .

My husband has started to drool badly , when he gets to bed and lays down , even though we use a rise and recline bed the first two hours he struggles coughing and trying to clear his throat of mucus .
/ saliva
Hi Johnnie,
Regarding the drooling....My husband had patches which he was allergic to but he then started on a tablet which helped. It is called "Hyoscine". This might help.
Hi Visionvalue

This is the link to a programme about a phone app (DAF assistant) - which all but banished the stuttering for a man who wanted to give the "father of the bride speech" himself at his daughter's wedding.:


The principle is delayed auditory feedback (hence DAF) but whereas the conventional speech therapy gismos cost £2000 this is inexpensive
Thanks Jay. My husband is on Sinemet 110 , was on Sinemet plus but found he started to switch off /nod off and drool about half hour after taking them the reason we changed to 110 . He also uses the Rotigotine patch 6 mg . .Our Gp gave him hyiosine in the form of Kwell but as soon as he took even half of one started seeing things that were not there . only gave him the one half . and stopped .

He does seem to extremely sensitive to certain medications . even co codamol will do it . It's a pain . !!!! One minutes a dry mouth the next drooling constantly ..

I was surprised when he prescribed Kwells . Has anyone else need prescribed them