Drinking alcohol

I met up with an old friend yesterday and ended up drinking quite a lot of wine. Since my diagnosis Ive usually kept to just one or two small glasses. Last night I felt really awful and I woke up with the worse cramp ever.

Does anyone know if this is caused by alcohol and the medication or should you not really drink at all with Parkinsons?

Good morning Margs1 … You bad girl [LOL].

Most of the Parkinson’s medication literature says that alcohol should be avoided, as it worsens the side effects. I’m on Sinemet.

It may be best to avoid alcohol or limit the amount you drink while taking Sinemet . Sinemet and alcohol can cause some similar side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, and sleepiness. So you may be more likely to experience these side effects if you drink alcohol during your Sinemet treatment.

I am teetotal, so doesn’t really bother me. I would imagine that the odd glass won’t hurt. But the odd bottle will, as you have discovered.

All my other medication advises against drinking.

Hope you feel better later.


Hi margs1 ime on sinemet and i drink alcohol regular it really depends on the person i mix spirit with real ales i don’t have any side effects

It was a “one off” i’ll certainly stick to 1 or 2 glassss of wine in future! No more than that!

Hi Margs1,
I gave up drinking as soon as I was diagnosed, not that I drank much at all to begin with. Just the odd wine at friends BBQ or Christmas. I do get offered a drink even by friends that know I don’t drink I would not like to feel out of control

Best wishes Sharon