Dripping forehead

I am 63 and female and it is 4 years since my PD was diagnosed. Since the menopause several years before that I had noticed that when I perspired it was now mostly from my face. Recently I have noticed that this has become worse, not just my face but my scalp and hairline round the back of neck as well.
I keep mopping my brow like Louis Armstrong. As soon as I do something like weeding or stirring a cake mixture I can feel the perspiration breaking out. On quite a cool day while gardening I can see sweat dropping off my temples. When I am out walking the perspiration tends to evaporate, so it does its job of keeping me cool, but when I get home I go on perspiring for half an hour or more.
Walking is becoming more difficult, I seem to have to drive myself to keep going, which I assume is PD progressing. Could the increase in perspiration be also caused by PD?
Hi L/H
There's a very good information sheet called Skin, Scalp and Sweating problems in P/D. on the main pages . You can download it . lots of tips !
All the best
Lorna .
So glad I've seen these posts. Yet another symptom can be added to o/h's list and be accepted as a norm
Hello Loose hinge, I can relate to your perspiration problem. I have been dx for over 10 years now and for the past 2 years I have had major problems with perspiration. Like you it is only from my head...sounds pretty daft I know but it's true. My head constantly feel damp and sometimes if I'm getting ready to go out I star dripping from my hairline, it completely ruins any hairstyle. I've had to have my hair cut short in an effort to ease it but it makes no difference. I also wake up in the morning with my pillow soaked from my head sweating during the night. I spoke to my neuro about it recently but he had no advice for it at all. In fact he looked at me quite oddly when I told him it was only from my head.

Anybody else that can help out, all advice welcome?

I too sweat from the head, face and neck. I go to make the bed
or do a bit of dusting and before I even start I can feel the sweat
starting, it was beginning to worry me but I know I`m not alone
Thank goodness for the forum we learn so much from it.

I sweat a lot all the time, especially in hot weather like today/tonight.

It's horrible!

I've only been diagnosed in the last month, but have actually had PD for about 2 1/2 years. Back then I went to the GP with leg shake and very bad hot sweats so bad that the sweat would litterally run off my hair! As I was in my late 40's the GP tested for menopause - results negative. Then a blood test showed high steroid levels and hospital did scans for an adrenal gland tumour which can cause these symptoms - results negative. It was only when I was diagnosed with PD after a DaT scan and read up on it that I found that this can be one of the symptoms. I'm hoping that when I have reached the max dose dr wants me on, that the sweating will subside.
Hi I'ts my husband who has Parkinsons . Is it just women that sweats from the head . . My husband has dreadful night sweats looking back has always had them , his sweat are from his bottom down . Some nights I make him change and dry him dowm the bed is damp beneath him .
Unless you sweat from your eyes lol . More often at night his eyes will flood uncontrollably