Drivers licence renewal

I am currently trying to renew my drivers licence on…site. It is directing me to Verify uk site. As it is requesting a lot of personal info I want to ask…How safe is this site? Anyone with personal experience?

I do mine through DVLA, my current renewal started last December and is still ongoing !! If you’re not happy with the web site come off it and phone DVLA and have all your relevant paper work to hand.


I think I went through the Verify website when I started the application process last February. I was nervous about doing it because it seemed odd that a government agency would take you to a third party site. It seems a process that’s wide open to fraud and identity theft. But so far nothing bad has happened. But it seems safer to follow Cruisecontrollers advice.

I finally got a reply from the DVLA a couple of weeks ago asking me to send in my current license so expect a long wait.

You will probably have sorted this by now but here’s a link that tells you about verify:

You have to use this security measure to access government services online including driving licence renewal as far as I understand it.


At @Tom192 you are right to be cautious. However in this case it is fine and I can backup what @Jackson has said. I renewed mine a few weeks ago and went through that process. I installed an app called digidentity and used it to verify my passport etc.