Driving and DVLA

Hi new to the forums although have been looking through quite a while. My husband was diagnosed in November after DAT Scan so we informed the DVLA straight away. At the time of seeing the nuero in November we mentioned that he was sleeping a lot lately due to being on medication for his back operation so wasn't going out a lot. From then to now he has filled a form in and said that he felt that due to my husband sleeping a lot he wouldn't recomment driving so duly DVLA refused husband licence. The maddening thing is that at Christmas my husband came off pain tablets and is wide awake for driving but can't now. I thought that he would have spoke to us before filling the form in so now we have to go and see him and ask him to assess hubby again!. When I rang the DVLA up to question why they had refused him the and letter said he must stop driving on the 17th February we received the letter on the 13th Feb. She turned round and said because we had opened the letter he must stop driving NOW which was on the 13th. I asked her if we hadn't rung her and gone out into the road and someone had run into us how would we have stood and she said that he wouldn't have had a licence and therefore would have been prosecuted. So I said that in future it would be helpful if they put that in the letters to people. They don't need stress like that. So now we are devestated at this all and have to try and appeal. As my husband said if I felt that driving was dangerous I would hold my hands up and give in but to have it taken away when not necessary is just too upsetting at the moment. So people beware when you inform the DVLA and receive a letter refusing to issue a licence please stop driving straight away so you won't get into trouble with the police.
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I was stopped driving for a short while but after a consultation with the specialist, he filled out a form whilst I was with him and after a small case of answering a load of questions plus tests on the computer, he sent the form back to DVLA who then allowed me to drive and re-instated my licence. I will have undergo this test in a couple of years unless my pd gets worse. In fact once I get in the car my symptoms vanish. Do not give up hope.
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Hi Chunky thats what happens to my hubby he says he feels normal again when driving. How long did it take for you to be reinstated please? At the moment I am doing the driving but I am not used to it so it is taking its toll I am afraid but am determined to do it to help him get out.
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It took a couple of months. It all depends how quickly DVLA sends the form to the consultant. It helps if he reacts quickly and have you with him at the time he completes the paperwork. Suggest you speak to your pd nurse and request her help in ensuring your there at the correct time.
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Thanks for that Chunky you have given us a glimmer of hope. We haven't seen the PD nurse yet we were supposed to after his diagnosis in November but still waiting. It seems as though its one shock after another at the moment :)
I forgot to add did you have to write to the DVLA and tell them that you were appealing against their decision at all before you saw your nuerologist?
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I did contact DVLA and told them I didnt agree and they sent a form to the Specialist. Luckily it got there just before my appt so good talk one to one with the consultant. Your specialist should be able to advise. In fact the only place I am free of symptons is when I am in the car.
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Thank you for all the help and advice :)
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I am driving on a short term license which comes up for renewal 13th May ! that soon.
DVLA informed me last week that my consultant is not replying to there request for medical information regarding my fitness to drive.

I contacted my consultants secretary only to be informed that her boss was on sick leave until mid June.

I then explained to DVLA about this problem and suggested that they send the relevant post to my GP. This was not acceptable he then informed me that providing my GP deems me fit to drive then I am covered under Section 88 of the RTA which is mainly for drink driving offenders.
Has anyone else had this problem ?

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