driving and parkinson's

car insurance and Parkinson’s. does anyone have any experience of buying car insurance for recently diagnosed parkinson’s disease - is it a lot more expensive? Any recommendations for cheapest quotes?

As long as DVLA are happy to that you are OK to drive insurance company will be. If you get PIP look at getting a Motability Car in most cases it is a very good way to continue to drive with all costs taken care of apart from fuel.

I disclosed to DVLA on advice from my Parkinsons consultant. No noticeable effect though i am not the primary insured (i am a named driver) on the car polioy

Hi gill the insurance companies dont put your insurance up if you have parkinsons they will ask you if you’ve notified dvla there not interested as long as you notified dvla

Hi @Gill1, When my Insurance comes up for renewal I always go on Comparison websites to get the best price. Start with Money Supermarket, then Compare the Market, Go Compare. I am with Saga and every year I have to do this when my renewal is due as I don’t trust them to give me the best price which is the case more often than not.