Driving assesment


hi all has anyone had a driver assesment from the dvla i reaaplyed for my licsense and when i finally got a repply i was told i would have to have a driver assesment before they could make a decision as if its not bad enough coping with pd they make  it more  stressful by putting me through this but everybody tells me i am a good driverbut am still quite worried anyone help puit my mind at rest. susan



The assessment can usually be done by your GP.  Mine took 10 minutes at his desk, not in the car.  It involved an eye exam test and moving my limbs and turning my head and Torso.  A simple cognitive Q&A date year location and a reaction test, follow his finger as he moved it around touching my nose each time he moved.


Make sure you're on your meds and you should be fine.




I believe that the assessment  you mention that is undertaken by your GP is when there is a renewal of your licence for a limited period and not an actual driving assessment, which consists of actually driving a car.

Your GP may have seen you to assess your capability to drive, prior to completing the form issued to them by the DVLA, the same form as your consultant receives before the DVLA make a deicsion on whether to issue a licance or not and for how long, BUT, a driving assessment, prior to them making a decision, is just that, a practical driving assessment.



        Hello lilly, I wish I could say that the assessment (driving) is a doddle, but  I cannot, what it did do was make it very clear that I would be a major hazzard if I was allowed back on the road, the test was by coincidence in a identical vehicle to our own, a 2yr old Toyota Yaris and having driven for a living in  many different types I had no doubt I would pass, I failed on every count, so prepare well lilly and when you have  made sure in your own head that you should have your licence re instated, then go for it, and good luck.

                                    Best Wishes FED



i sent my dvla form away in october a week or so ago i had a update letter saying they were contacting my neuro and they get back too me .. eventually, if there is a driving assessment is it the same as a full blown driving test?.


Thank you benji for the additional info I have not encountered in the 4 times my suitabilty to drive has been assessed since 2005.  I've received a 3yr, 3yr, 1yr and lastly a 3yr licence as a result of my non car based Doctor assessments.Does this mean I've been lucky or is the test mandatory at age 70 as I'm 53.I must say the DVLA website isn't clear by referring to both assessments and tests but there's also the 3rd party assessment centres confusing the issue


Hi sea Angler...i also contacted the DVLA regarding the Parky on the 7th October and had the same reply as yourself. My Parky nurse has told me that she is more than happy to tell them that i am safe to drive when they contact her..............zzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!! still waiting to hear


Re: 3-yr licence.  Yes this does kick in for everyone aged 70 plus and  its self-assessment unless you mention,-   which you must,  -   that you have a conditiion which might affect driving.  Another thing they do not make clear iis that if they ask you to send in your licence which they take for ever to process, this does not mean you cannot drive and, if necessary they will provide a general  letter which you mmight need , say for hire of a car on holiday,  saying that you have a current licence because the licence  valid until such time as someone qualified to say so decides that you are not fit to drive.. 


I applied to renew my 3 year licence early in August and (about 6 weeks later) received a letter from the Drivers Medical Group of the DVLA saying they were revoking my licence due to information received about my "persisting neurological problems".

Where this info came from I don't know - they hadn't contacted either my doctor or my neurologist!  The only possible source would have been from the medical questionnaire I completed by ticking the boxes describing any symptoms.   The only box I ticked was "freezing" but I qualified that by adding "only when walking" - which is true.

I had also taken an Experienced Driver Assessment in February (which lasted about 40 minutes) but decided not to send in the certificate as, although I passed, the instructor/examiner did mention that I drove a little too fast at times and, although I subsequently took a speed awareness course which slowed me down to an acceptable level, I didn't want to give them any excuse to refuse my licence - big mistake!!!

So, upon receipt of the letter, I immediately had to cease driving.   We live in a country lane in a village in West Sussex with no pavements and I am a self-employed building contractor - so this has caused big problems.  The only saving grace is that my business partner has been prepared to run things on site while I work from home doing all the admin (which I did anyway but without the restrictions).   Although my wife DOES drive, she has her own life to lead and I hate being so dependent as we already have a 31-year old son who has cerebral palsy and is confined to a wheelchair.

I meanwhile re-applied early in October after DVLA agreed to look again at my case with all the new supporting evidence that I have sent them (the EDA certificate; neurologist's and doctor's positively-worded letters) - and a couple of weeks ago I received a letter (from DVLA) to say that they have written to my neuro and it would be a minimum of 6 weeks until I get a decision.  So, at the moment I am living in limbo albeit a bit more positive!   

They certainly know how to rush things through!

Re the letter Eileenpatricia mentions (above): there is a proviso that says that you are ok to drive without a licence (as long as you held one previously) UNLESS you have had your licence refused or revoked - so I daren't chance it as I'm sure the insurance would be deemed invalid.





Good morning all,

I have re'd a letter from DVLA saying I should contact the tel no they have given me to arrange an assessment of my ability to drive.

Rang this office and asked what was involved in this assessment and was told I would be firstly interviewed folllowed by cognitive tests.  Then I could chose one of their cars (automatic) and drive around their car park to get used to the car.  I would then be taken out on public roads for about 40



minutes for the assessor to give his opinion as to my ability to drive plus asking questions about how I observe the road ahead etc.

He said we would then go back to the building and the assessor would test my eyesight.

He would then give me his verbal opinion of my ability to drive - or not but this still didn't guarantee that the DVLA will renew my licence.

Has anyone gone through this?   Will you please let me know the sort of questions asked and how you got on.

Thank you.




        Good morning Casie, you will be fast asleep as I type this mail but  may I wish you and your family a very happy christmas. I went for the assessment , it was the theory one day and practical one week later, but alas all it did was highlight how dangerous I would be if I  even tried to drive on the public highway , the test was a doddle, it was me that was the danger, dont let me put you off  Casie , everyones different  but prepare well before you go.

                                                Best Wishes  FED