Driving career stalled

Hello, I'm a 63 year old guy who was PD diagnosed 6 years ago. I received a 3 year temporary driver's licence from DVLA and in a couple of months time it will be two years since it expired. After wading through some of the Swansea website it looks like I will face a re test if the two year gap is reached.
The problem is that I retired to the Philippines and didn't imagine that I would miss the independence of a licence so much. I intend to carry on living here in Cebu but I would like to renew my UK licence so that I can return for long breaks to see my sons and hire a car etc. I see a neurologist in Cebu every 3 months and he has signed a document to say that I am fit to drive. I wonder whether this is likely to be valid for my UK GP? I can't afford to keep flying over to UK just to have a 3 monthly check up with my GP in order to retain my licence. I just wonder whether any body else out there has experience of these issues.
wouldn't a philipine's drivers licence with an international driving permit be easier way to drive in the uk?