Driving confidence

My wife never a confident driver has got more uncertain since being diagnosed with PD.

Because she has what she describes a s a "heavy leg" with little feeling in her foot this can make use of the accelerator awkward on ncassion.

Does anyone else suffer from this type of situation and if so how do you alleviate it.
hiya,i dont drive no more,ive been dx 11 half years,but have other medical condions so it was best for my licence to be handed back in to dvla,i get shoffered around now.but with your wife,i understand about her confidene,cus that with in its self is pd related,nerves etc.with her leg feelin heavy agin,all connected,we are all different,and your wife may have other symtoms to other people ,but it all pd,if u see wot i mean .may be it a idea if she had a automatic car to drive,you did not say which leg was bothering her,but with automatic ,hich was my last car also ,by the way,you dont have a clutch.only two pedals,excelerater and a brake,which then if it is her left leg botherin her she can rest it and use rite one,or viser verser,if she can do left handed.its a option:smile:as for confidence in a car,well it depends how much it effects her concentration.obversley if it to bad,or her meds are effecting her,could have a fresher start with dvla,and she how she gets on.end of day her saftey and the publics is the most important thing,as im sure your aware of.i wish her luck,and please let us no how she progresses with thing s:smile:
Hi I've just packed up driving I can't get the shift lever into gear but also cause of the meds I can fall asleep suddenly which I do.parkinsons takes away your independance and without the family knowing until you can't struggle on anymore and start slowing down..twins99
Hi all,
I saw this on the MS Society blog the other day and thought I would post it here.

It's got a lot information about dealing with confidence, cognitive and physical issues in driving.

Though it is with someone with MS and not Parkinson's, I think the advice there could be useful. Find it here: http://bit.ly/OcdJ2B

I hope it helps!