Driving Licence renewal only for one year

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I am a new member I have been Diagnosed 4 years but suffered for longer. I'm 58 yrs old retired from serious farming and hobby-farm a small holding in Kent.

I was hoping to find any one who has had their medical licence returned without an explanation for the short term of its duration. I know I have the right of appeal to a Magistrates' Court but feel I have been found guilty before charged.

Although I can still drive for a year I will be applying again 2 months before its expiry as I did last September For November renewal. Last application was supported by my Doctor and also my Neurologist Both expected no problem for a 3yr renewal and responded to medical Advisor as requested. January's First post had a request for a medical assessment test at a NHS driver assessment centre 35 miles away advising me to be accompanied in case I was not considered able to return after!
I applied for a test taking the first available slot only 4 days after contacting them. I was not looking for stress or lack of confidence in my ability but PWP's are prone to nerves! On the test the staff were very helpful and reassuring and thorough. The practical driving done in hospital grounds until the examiner feels fit to allow you to take them around the whole town in heavy traffic. All this in a unfamiliar car( Duel Controls). At the end of 2-3 hrs..... Their assessment I was pleased that they confirmed my ability to drive was fine with no modifications to any vehicle and would support a three year renewal.
On receiving a licence for one year I reaffirmed their report. I had no explanation at all from the DVLA advisor on the phone but a standard letter stating the law and my medical condition required more investigation when my licence expired . Consult your doctor about medical standards and a solicitor if I intend to appeal (Informing them in writing before any appeal!)

HAS ANYBODY had this sort of experience or any explanation for DVLA Action.

I went through the same rigmarole, but was granted a 3-year licence.

One can only assume the authorities think there's a fair chance your driving will deteriorate over the next 3 years (they've probably got some statistic somewhere), and are erring on the side of caution.

After all their job is to keep the roads safe for all road users, not to keep you mobile. If, in 2 years' time, you were to run over a small child, everyone would be asking "Who on earth granted this man a 3-year licence?"

Even if you had to spend half a day once a year being re-assessed I don't think that's unreasonable. It makes a nice day out!

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hiya welcome to the forum rapc52:smile:im ali bin dx for 10years im 42 in april,there good surport and friends on here :smile:my experenice with dvla and gps is as follows,when i was first dx like everyone meds were givern and some times side efects took part ,they did with me and i found that my drivin the car was dangerous cus of meds,so my neuro at the time asked me to hand in my licence to the dvla ,if i did this i could appeal when my meds and my self was ok agin
,:smile:time went by ,and i hated it with out trsnsport of me own ,i appealed and this time got me licence back ,i drove for some time ,thenas i got worse in me self with various issuses my neuro deided it was time to have to hand it in fully ,this was a nitemare for me,but inew deep down i had to do it,for sfety of me self and others around me,so anyways with alot of ramblin :laughing:this is my story of me and the dvla,i will not get my licence back agin ,and now hav sccepeted that now,its a great shame cus relie on others to take me places.so if u get 1 year ,or 3 years on ur licence ,ur doin alrite there,i think they just do it to keep an ey on conditions,i spose ,they have there reasons ,.anyway ,rap52 ,im done :smile:hope to see u round the forum x:smile:
Hiya all, welcome to RAPC52. I'm in the same boat, im 59 and had a one yr licence granted last May so its renewal time soon..My GP says there;s no impairment to my driving, from what she's seen of me & read on DVLA website info for doctors.Ive driven for 36 years and feel as safe now as Ive always done. My PD nurse told me to stop temprarily while she upped my meds but im fine now . I'd be stuffed out here in the sticks without a licence. The bus stop is a mile and a half away and I cant possibly walk that far. Does evryone have to go thru this driving assessment? How much wil it cost me? .
Hi all and a warm welcome to RAPC52. I had me licence renewed late last year and was given a further three years on it. I've had pd for the past 11 years now but they only asked me to go to my GP for a medical. He did some tests to assess my reaction times and passed me. I wonder why they seem to be changing things and why we at least haven't been told about it. if I were you RAP I would appeal, an extra two years is worth trying for!!

Ive received my renewal form today. It asks if I have help with personal care. My OH sometimes helps me get into /out of the bath, does up buttons, helps me put in my earings. What impact will that have on my abilty to drive??? OK some of its fine motor movement, but why does the DVLA need to know I cant fasten my own bra some days???

anyone had to fill this in & what happened next??
I'm always surprised when I read about being able to drive when one is taking medication for PD.

There is a guide for GP's and Neurologists called the,
"At a glance guide to the current medical standards of fitness to drive".

You can download it in pdf format,


Personally, I think that a lot of people under medication should take seriously the implications as to what it say about Parkinson's.

e.g. Parkinson’s disease,
Licence refused or revoked if condition is progressive or disabling. If driving would not be impaired and condition stable, can be considered for licensing subject to satisfactory reports and annual review (individual basis).

I have attended many meetings for people with PD and and have seen them nod off during the conference but then go home in a car.
Sorry to put a damper on things, but maybe we should be more honest with ourselves and admit; no matter how tragic it may seem that there will come a time if not now, that we should not be allowed for our safety and the safety of others to drive.

It's one thing to get past a quick test,and be happy that they have renewed your licence, but if we knock down a child ?

Many of the medication taken for PD and for depression would not fit into the criteria of being allowed a licence to drive.
When you get behind the wheel you have a moral obligation, no matter how much it may hurt you psychologically to give up those four wheels bet to be safe than sorry.
PS. Not to mention those that use Citalopram ,Cipralex, escitalopram and Diazepam.

Perhaps we should think twice and not be so egoistic to want at all costs four wheels. :rolling_eyes:

PPS> I bet I can await a loud uproar now!
Hi ncn, I quite agree about the impact of taking meds for PD & the effect on my driving, but, Im concerend about why the DVLA need to know about my personal care. Why should the fact he helps me do up my shoelaces/bra/get out of the bath have any effect when Im driving???? Thinking about laces/bras etc, its a fine motor movement. I can adjust the mirrors, use the wipers, indicators etc as easily as anyone else. What other fine motor skills are needed?? I can no longer put in my contacts, so I wear specs.

IM baffled about why the DVLA need to know. OK I acccept that for some, personal care is a big issue, or am I missing something obvious?
Far from creating an uproar, I fully agree that people driving with PD are a risk that is not taken seriously enough. It seems to me that their independence takes priority over the general public's safety. Anyone with PD has a progressive neurological condition and is therefore a potential danger to us all.

I appreciate there are other illnesses/conditions that are also a danger, but I am confining my comments to PD as this is a PD forum.
I agree No1friend, I still drive but had to have a driving test at a Wrightington hospital just after I was dx, I'm on my third 3yr licence, I feel confident enough to drive most of the time but if I'm having an off day I don't drive because I don't want to be a danger to anyone and I think everyone with PD should have one of these special driving tests every 3yrs.
Absolutely agree. I am also on my third 3 year licence but havn't had to take a test although I would be more than happy to do so. I still do a lot of driving inclding long distance and motorways but would certainly only do so if I felt I was completly in control.

Although I agree that parkinsons is a degenerative disease I don't think that everyone should be tarred with the same brush as the disease affects everybody in different ways.
Both my granddad and my partners granddad have been diagnosed with PD in recent months,
My partners granddad has not been prescribed meds but his condition is quite severe, he has tremors not only 1 side but in his jaw, has bowel and bladder control problems, breathing difficulty and cannot concentrate very well, his condition has deteriorated rapidly over the last 3 months, but still no medication. He has given up driving.
My granddad on the other hand has been prescribed medication and you would not know he has the disease at all, the meds do not have any unwanted side effects and he is still driving. His symptoms were much less severe, with onlly a slight tremor in his arm even before has was prescribed medication and his driving does not put anybody at risk.

This I feel is a very good example of how this disease and the medications affect people in different ways.

The fact the people still do not understand the massive differences between people with parkinsons I find very sad and frustrating. I feel that everybody should have the same right to defend their independence without being told they are a danger by people who don't understand.