Driving Licence Renewal

My three year driving licence duration is about to expire and the DVLA has contacted me and I now have to undergo a medical examination to ensure that I'm fit to drive.
I'd be very grateful if I could be forewarned; can anyone tell me please what I should expect in terms of questions/physical tests?

Thank you
My hubby has just had his driving assessment and we are waiting now for the DVLA to get in touch. When he went for his assessment first we spoke to an occupational therapist and she did tests with him to determine whether he could put things in order i.e. coloured shapes associating words with things and touching her hands nothing elaborate but to show his co-ordination and his time reaction to doing simple tests. Then a driving instructor came and they all went out for an hours drive it wasn't like a test he just drove round the streets of York to show them how he managed with everyday driving and they watched to see if he wanted any adaptions to the car to make it easier. They couldn't have been any more friendly. At the end they came back and told him they were going to write to the DVLA and say that in their opinion he was fit to drive so now it is up to the DVLA. It is nothing to be frightened of and they will put you at ease. I wonder whereabout you are in the country. We went to a place called William Merrits they are based at Leeds but have a place at York. Good Luck and let us know how you go on. By all means ring them up when you know where you are going and they will help you all they can :)
I've just realised it is a medical examination that you are going for not driving but hopefully I have explained for anyone that has to go for a driving assessment what it entails. I am sure someone will be along to give you help with the medical side of it. Good Luck with the examination. :)
Thank you anyway for taking the time. My appointment isn't until next Tuesday but then I'll let you know how it went.
It's all very stressful isn't it which you don't want. When my husband got his licence revoked we rang up to see when we had to send his licence back and she said your husband has to stop driving now as you have opened the letter which did say he could drive for a further four days which I couldn't understand but what upset us most was in the afternoon we were laying his sisters ashes and I wasn't driving at the time and we said we would have difficulty getting there if he couldn't drive to which she answered thats tough you will have to make other arrangements. All I can say is that its a good thing she was at the end of the phone and not stood in front of me. I hope everything goes well for you on Tuesday.
Just scrapped my car for £150.Take the lot.Nothing left here.Wind down,accept,gone.
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Everything else has gone
Just brought this back may help .


As soon as you are diagnosed as having Parkinson's you are legally obliged to inform both the DVLA and your car's insurers. Keep copies of all relevant forms and letters, and notes of any telephone conversations.

Until and unless the DVLA informs you otherwise your current licence will remain in force, even if it had an expiry date which has now passed, or you've sent it to Swansea (keep a copy). Most insurers don't mind (if the DVLA is happy for you to be on the roads, so are they), but some may wish to add a note into your policy or charge a supplement. Keep full records.

From now on all licences issued to you will have expiry dates printed on them. When those dates arrive the DVLA will assess you again. Typically licences are extended for 1, 2 or 3 years at a time.

The DVLA team at Swansea comprises not only administrators but also medically qualified assessors who will understand Parkinson's and other conditions and how they can affect your driving. They will contact anyone they deem necessary before making their decision, e.g. consultants, GPs, police, and this whole process can take months. Bear this in mind if you are planning to drive abroad on holiday and need to have your licence with you. It may be possible to get a duplicate if the DVLA is given sufficient notice.

They may also require you to undertake a medical. This will be arranged for you in your own area, but with an independent consultant.

Their last request may be for you to undertake a full specialised driving test and assessment, carefully designed specifically for disabled drivers, at one of their regional test centres such as Leeds. These last about 3 hours.

The assessment starts with medical questions, then questions about your opinion of your own driving and any concerns. Then there are some computer-based tests designed to measure your observation skills and reaction times. Then finally, once they're happy to go out on the road with you driving (in their car), there's a pretty comprehensive outdoor driving test.

Look out for "cunning tricks" to make sure you're on-the-ball, such as telling you to take the next turning on the left, knowing that the next turning on the left is actually a one-way "no entry" street. They need to be happy that you can take such anomalies in your stride, and realise in good time that you need to take the turning after that.

It's extremely friendly and unrushed, though, with tea and biscuits supplied! They know they're dealing with disabled people, and are very accommodating. They are on your side.

Dearest Titan
It is not all gone.
We are still here on the forum, the PDUK helpline is still there with trained counsillors and nurses, the parkinson's nurse is still there and the GP and neurologist.
PLEASE contact someone and tell them how hopeless you are feeling.
The Parkinsons can't be taken away but so many people care about you and help is out there to feel more positive and find enjoyment in the altered life you have., but you have to tell someone that you need it...
Take care of yourself and keep in touch.
Love gg

My wife has just had a licence revoked she was a bit silly on the questionnaire with regards to freezing.  The irony is she now has a new car on mobility dvla advised her what to put on the form and then withdrew her licence.  Can we get any assistance form Parkinson Uk with regard to this situation.

Hi Seve,

I've passed your question on to our Policy team, someone will get back to you soon.

Best wishes,

Hi Seve,

I'm really sorry for not having responded sooner. We've just started speaking to the DVLA about the time it takes for people to receive their licenses and decisions about their ability to continue driving and how these processes can better support people with Parkinson's, but I'm afraid I'm not able to raise individual cases with them.

However, for individual support, the best thing to do is call our helpline on 0808 800 0303 or emailing [email protected].

I hope the situation is resolved soon,