Driving Licence revoked


I have recently been sent a renewal form for my 3 year driving licence and sent it off on Thursday 9th June.   Exactly 4 working days later I received a reply from DVLA revoking my licence.

I am mobile and alert, and have no points or convictions.

I cannot see why this should have been revoked so quickly as obviously they did not have time to write to my PD doctor/nurse or GP within that time and am thinking of appealing.

Has anyone else out there had their licence so summarily revoked and if so did you just accept this or appeal.

If you appealed, were you successful


I should give the DVLA  a ring and ask them why it was revoked, without writing to your consultant for a medical report.

Did you declare something on the form that warranted an instant withdrawal of your driving licence? They revoked mine recently, but I appealed and got it back three months later.

Good luck.


Hi jive ace 

how did you get on ???? Please tell me 



           I think its often a case of  who picks up your form and what  mood  their  in, you  should  have  at  least been  offered the 1year  renewal   not  just refusing  it  full stop, its  a  bit  of  a  pain  the  1yr  renewal   but  at  least  you  will  be  mobile  ring  email  and write to them   and  tell  them you  think  they  are  wrong  9  out  of 10 times  you  will get it  back.  but   you  may  have a  battle if  you  get  a  letter  from  your  GP  and  or  Consultant  would also  help , they  have  given  me  so  much  grief over  the years  on one occasion  I informed the  guy IF  HE  DID  NOT  RESOLVE my  problem I  would fly to Cardiff and  come  to  see  him  face to face,, job  done

Going off ma head waiting on this buggers no joy at all yet bloody hell how long does it take for a simple yes or no !!