Driving under section 88 Road Traffic Act

Like lots of others, my medically restricted driving licence has expired and I have been notified that there will be no chance of getting it back for some time due to the impact of covid.

The DVLA at least sent out a letter explaining this which I appreciate - it stops me wasting time trying to chase it up.

I understand that I may be able to continue driving in the interim under section 88 rules. A leaflet with the criteria on was included with my letter and I do meet all criteria having had a conversation with a neurologist who has said that in his opinion, I’m ok to continue to drive while the DVLA carry out their investigations. I also have a letter stating this which is really helpful.

Having read everything that I can find, I’m clear that I’m able to continue to drive but I’m wondering if anybody knows the answer to the following questions:

*Do I have to notify anybody anywhere that I am driving without a licence under this option?

*If I get stopped by the police for not having a driving licence, how do I explain my situation because there will be no record? Do I just keep the letter from the DVLA in my car or do I also have to show them the consultant’s letter?

*Do I have to notify my insurance company?

*Is this likely to be a problem when I have to renew my insurance?

I would phone the DVLA but I understand that they are totally snowed under and won’t answer the phone :woozy_face:.


Hi Jackson
I was in this situation last year. I applied for a new licence April 2021 and received my new licence October 2021. During this period my insurance came up for renewal. After obtaining quotes I decided to insure with the RAC. I rang them explaining that I was allowed to drive under a Section 88. They had no problem with this. I kept the DVLA letter in my glove box in case I was stopped for any reason. Hope you don’t have to wait too long. Regards Minky

Hi Miinky,
Thank you loads for your reply, that’s really good to know - I was a little worried about insurance as mine is also likely to run out before I hear anything regarding licence renewal from the DVLA.
Thanks again,
J :sunglasses:

Hi glad I could help. Minky

Hi the answer to your questions.
No you don’t have to notify insurance Co that driving licence is being renewed, just update insurance co if dvla have not given you another 3 years or have made it longer or shorter, before next review.
If your stopped by police, explain license is with Dvla to be renewed, the police will go into dvla database and it will tell them.
No one else needs to know, if your gp or consultant agree you can continue to drive that’s good enough