I have a lovely Toyota Aygo that my husband bought me for my 50th birthday. I love it, trouble is, I keep stalling the engine. Should I give in and get an automatic?

hi Caroline

yes, get an automatic!

i was crashing the gears everytime i met a roundabout because my brain wasn't telling my foot what to do. junctions were easier because you get a fraction more time to think about it. Traffic lights - high anxiety.
gradually i began to anticipate it happening and inevitably it therefore did. The worst thing was the effect it had on my confidence (as if it wasn't getting a knocking for other reasons) and i was on my way to giving up driving altogether - living in a village i was starting to panic about isolation

then i got an automatic and got my confidence back 100% almost straight away.
why make it hard for yourself? now i can't see myself having to give up driving in the forseeable future! good luck
Yes get an automatic , but not an AYGO automatic. it.'s not one thing or the other !! At least that's our opinion Caroline . That was about 5 years ago I don't know if the newer models are any better but the district nurse who calls on us has just bought one and she is not at all happy with it .

My husband drove a Corolla automatic which was a great car , then he suddenly started to misjudge the curbs and going around corners . I suggested he had his eyes tested which he did . They were fine . So thinking maybe the car was getting to wide for him we decided to get the Aygo auto . We were so dissapointed in it .

Of course eventually wwhen he was diagnosed with Parkinsons we realised it was the cause of his bad driving . It was when he started to veer to the centre of the road that I had to tell him that I thought he really should give up driving . That is not at all easy to do he had alwasy been an excellent driver . On top of that I do not drive myself so it affected both of us

He couldn't see what was happening himself but he knew that I wouldn't have said so if it were not true .

We did miss it very much , I started doing my shopping on line along with the lottery etc .

Good luck with car I hope you will find one which is more suitable for you.
Hi johnnie
I've stopped driving myself because I wasnt confident enough.i couldn't get the car iin gear at junctions then it happened whilst driving.i was also under steering on left hand turns and driving to the centra line.
What I couldn't understand was it was my right hand sidee that was affected so why crash the gears with my left
We have a Ford C Max automatic and wouldn't change back to manual. Hubby has PD and finds it a lot easier to drive having Arthritis in hips as well. I find it easier because like you just cannot manage gears.
. Apparently it's called SPACIAL AWARENESS . for example it's a bit like when you are going through doorways and misjudge the space and then you bump into the door frame .

My husband didnt seem to be aware of what was happening himself .
Hi Caroline. I have had a Citroen C3 Picasso automatic for about 5 months now. What a joy to drive! It's great not to have to think about changing gear and I feel much more confident being able to keep both hands on the steering wheel. It also has automatic lights, rain activated wipers and rear parking sensors.
However, if you honestly no longer feel confident about driving the only sensible thing to do would be to surrender your licence. Try two or three test drives first.