Hello everyone,

My husband has just been diagnosed in March of this year at the age of 49 The main problem he has is his driving as it makes his tremor in his right arm worse unfortunately he is a HGV driver so he is struggling, has anybody else had these problems. He was put on rasageline but hasn't helped with much and is now been put on requip XL. We have been warned that either of these tablets arn't liscensed to help with tremors.

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"We have been warned that either of these tablets arn't liscensed to help with tremors."

Bella Hello and welcome to the forum. I can see why you are worried about your O/H especially as his livlehood depends on him being able to drive.

Call me stupid and I probably am, why has he been given meds that are not lisensed to help his problems?

I wish you and yours all the best


As soon as you are diagnosed with PD you are obliged by law to inform the DVLA. Not to do so is an offence, and could also invalidate your own car insurance as well as breach some condition in your employer's vehicle insurance. You employer therefore needs to be informed too, so he can check ths out.

The DVLA will then assess your case, contacting whovever they deem necessary, e.g. Neurologist, GP, Police. They may also ask you to attend a medical with an independent medical assessor in your area, or take a special driving test. Finally their own medical experts will take a look at you current medication and your general Medical Record. If they see you're taking anything unusual they'll be in touch - don't you worry!

Once they've come to their conclusion they'll either issue a restricted licence (e.g. only for 3 years), or rescind it (unlikely). Once that's all over you can inform insurance companies of the result, and they usually say "No problem, if the DVLA are happy with you driving, so are we".

All of that is the legal stuff. As far as the symptoms go you must keep records of how and when they change, and visit your PD clinic regularly. They'll probably change your drugs quite a few times before they establish exactly what is right for you.

Welcome to the forum. You will find this place full of warm helpful people.

The first few months after diagnosis can be very scary and its easy to get overwhelmed. Ray is right about the driving stuff. You should inform the DVLA. It is easy to do and I found them swift & helpful - surprisingly so.

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Hi, when I was diagnosed I informed DVLC and was given a restricted licence (this apparently is the norm) However understanding the reasoning in the restrictions is imposable My right to drive C1 vehicles, that is between 3500kg and 7500kg was removed. However I still have a class A motor cycles.This means I can ride a high powered motor cycle but cannot drive a 3600kg motor home. I would have thought that motorcycles would be the 1st vehicle to be removed. I can also drive a 3500kg motor home and tow my high powered motorcycle on a trailer behind it, but if I go for the same motor home with a strengthened chassis making the maximum permitted weight over 3500kg to enable me to carry my motorcycle on a carrier I cannot drive it. I would suggest it is safer to carry extra weight on the vehicle than on a trailer.
these restrictions need sorting.
I have no intention of killing myself by riding a motorcycle and gave up on the motor home, I tow a caravan for which I am still covered.
I have a left arm and leg tremor but they only trouble me when I am resting them; if I give my arm and leg a job to do they settle down. This may be why I have been given my second 3 year conditional licence. I have also keept my motorbike full licence but have chosen to sell the bike as pd affects my balance subtly but enough to make a bike scary. If I get some meds that put that right I'll consider buying another. I also swapped my car to an automatic transmission to make life easier.
It's hard if you're a professional driver as I imagine the route of getting a vehicle adapted is not open to you.

You have the option of taking a special test to assess your roadworthiness; the DVLA are not obliged to do what it says but take it into account.
Good luck
Hi Bella,
I was diagnosed with PD a relatively short time ago and given the choice of (1) nothing - see how it develops (2) A drug to treat the tremors or (3) Rasagiline- but told that this may well not effect the tremors. HOWEVER, it may delay the onset of other symptoms (even though the manufacturers dont claim this) - this has been found from the consultant's experience. This may explain why your husband was given this ?