The DVLA are pondering,at great length, on whether or not to renew my licence.
They have instructed me to have a medical.I wondered if anyone could tell me what criteria are used to assess ability to drive.
hi dingle32

I think that the type of medical that you have all depends how severe you pd is. DVLA made me have one which was computer based with the neuro. He also gave me a bit of a look over to see that I was ticking in the right places. All took a while but it came out ok in the end.
Best of luck with the medical and do not worry about it - that will only make you nervous
Hi dingle32,

I can imagine that is a really nerve-wracking situation to be in.

Have you taken a look at our Driving and Parkinson's booklet? It was updated late last year and you can find it here: http://bit.ly/PiairU

If you have not already, do have a read to see if it might help. Also please keep us updated as there are a lot of people here who are very concerned about this issue.

Best of luck and I hope it helps.

Thanks for your kind thoughts and advice. The medical is tomorrow so I am
beginning to get nervous. I will let you know how it goes. I made this
application for renewal in March so don't hold your breath.
Good Luck and hope everything goes well for you.
My hubby had to go for a driving assesment in May after the revoked his licence in February and thankfully passed. I suppose the medical will come in the future at a later date :) Always hurdles to get over with PD but we all still keep doing it.