Hi I am seriously thinking of changing my car . Can anyone give any tips on what to get . I drive a Hyundai i30 which is a great car but I find it difficult getting in and out as it is quite low . Was looking at other Hyundais for something higher . My car is also manual . I have driven an automatic years ago . Would that help ? I  am right side affected . Thanks

I am afraid I don't know much about cars, but my husband changed to an automatic with cruise control and finds that much easier as he can move  his legs about and not get trapped in one position.

He sees a motorbility chap at the garage when changing his car who gives advice.

I think you can get a swivel seat to make getting in and out easier but I am not sure who you need to consult about that kind of help.

I am sure other PWP will have lots of advice.

Good luck!


Hi GG  hope you are ok . Thankyou for your helpful message .yes someone else might have something to add ? X


Hmmm, not sure i know a lot about cars but i have a Panda which is great. It was actually the first intact, second hand car i saw as my KA had unexpectedly given up the ghost, and i had limited time and money to get another car, however it is quite high so is easy to get in and out of; it also has five doors which means that they are shorter and lighter than some of the three door cars. Mine is a basic model, so overtaking takes time, planning and determination, but there are  'posher' models. You may well be looking for something bigger and zippier, but I just figured I'd mention it.

j x



Hi Madison. I find automatic gears a big help. I have much more confidence being able to keep both hands on the wheel. Plus hill starts are a lot easier as it's almost impossible to stall. Are you in the Motability scheme? Their web site will help you choose the right vehicle. I suggest you go for a few test drives. Above all take your time

Hi Jackson and Christo .Thanks for replying. I am not in motability scheme Christo.Going to have a good look around. Definitely need something a bit higher and the automatic sounds a good bet . Hope you are both ok . Thanks again x