Drooling and botox

Has anyone experienced coughing up thick saliva after having had botox for drooling.

My husband complains of thick ‘gloop’ down the back of his throat which he feels is causing his many tablets to get stuck there. He has had this problem for a while before receiving Botox treatment to help keep his head from drooping rather than drool. I try to makdd we sure he takes his antihistamines regularly in case that helps

Yeah, I had the same issue after getting botox for drooling. I remember coughing up thick saliva for a few weeks, and it was really uncomfortable. It eventually settled down for me, but definitely check in with your doctor if it sticks around or gets worse.

My husband who has had PD for 10years is experiencing drooling which is getting worse. He has had several Botox treatments but this made little difference. Last year he took part in the Cue Band trial and for several months his drooling was well controlled but recently it doesn’t seem to be so effective. Are there any other treatments anyone can recommend?
My other question is can anyone recommend what to use to remove saliva stains from clothing? I use Ace but this doesn’t always remove the stains