drooling exercises for my husband

drooling exercises for my husband who has Parkinson’s

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Hi @JennyS2,

I’m sure other forum members who have had issues with drooling will share their experience and any tricks that might have helped them when they find your thread, but in the meantime I thought you may find it useful to look at our website’s section on saliva control. It suggests improving your posture or the way you sit might make a difference and offers tips like swallowing often or sipping water. Please have a look at the link for full details.

I hope you find some useful hints there that can help your husband.

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I don’t drool as such when i’m awake, but my pillow used to be wet with saliva on a morning. My Parkinson’s nurse recommended Botox injections in my cheeks. I’ve been having these about every three months for the past three years and i’m much better now. Give it a try.