Hi all

Well I have started to drool , I don’t know I am doing it and it’s even happening when I am awake. It’s only little bits. It god is it embarrassing, so what I wanted to ask is any one else experiencing this? Is this part of PD?

Thanks Raz

Hi Raz1, yes I’m afraid it is part of PD, a friend of mine has started with this, she went to see the GP, I will find out if he suggested anything to help.


My wife has had PD for four years and drooling is a recent development along with poor motor control while eating. Hey, ho, it’s all part of life’s rich pageant!

Good morning Sheffy

Ah thank you I did think it would have been, but another thing to add to the fine big bucket of PD, please let me know how your friend gets on and I too will keep you posted. Have a new day

Kind regards Raz

Morning cheis215

Yes so right just another thing to add to the bucket, I so was hoping it was not anything to do with the Parkinson’s. Well all the best to your wife.

Kind regards Raz

Hi Raz1
I experienced drooling before I gained my diagnosis. Since starting my treatment it has got much better. My neurologist explained that drooling was as a result of my PD and it’s caused by a slowing down of the swallow reflex and therefore not being able to clear all saliva from my mouth. I’d put it down to age as pre diagnosis I explained away a lot of my symptoms. I hope your consultant can help you.

Hi Raz,
Yes, I’m afraid drooling is part and parcel of PD. I drool at night generally waking up with a wet pillow! Not nice.


Hi Tam64

Ah thank you very much, that is me all over, I have revived appointment to have a brain scan, and my consultant has referred me to seen by speech and language again.

Well you take
King best Raz

Morning maweejackie

Thank you for your response, yes I can see this now, but may be me seeing the soeexh and language person may help and slow that down, it’s very embarrassing, and makes me feel very low about myself.
Have a nice day

Hi Raz1 - my friend I was telling you about who has problems with drooling, she saw her GP about it and the GP gave her a spray to spray into her mouth to dry up the saliva but this didn’t work, it also made her mouth burn. The suggestion now is to give her botox injections, I don’t know where exactly. She has an appointment with her Neurologist

Will let you know of any other developments - sheffy

Hi Sheffg

Thank you so much for the up date regarding your friend. It ia interesting that she has been able to get her gp to help her. Every time I go to see my doctor I know the answer to my illness and how I feel is a direct result to PD too. Well it’s good to know that they is something they can do, I will let you know after I get my appointment.

King regards Raz

Hi Raz

Drooling is, unfortunately, another of the effects of PD. I find I am OK most of the time but it gets noticeable when my next dose of medication is almost due. So the normal meds keep it under control for me.


Good morning Jj77

Thanks you for response, I too have now noticed that no meds and you can’t turn of the :drooling_face:, that’s where my problem is I have so many reminds but some how I manage to miss one dose. But I have now got other half to put reminds on his phone too, let’s hope this helps.have a nice day

Kind regards

Hi Raz
I started drooling about 3 -4 weeks ago and my PD nurse said to try chewing gum and for me it works i hope it woks for you


Hi Lee

I will really give that a go as the past few days it has got worse. Not to mention embarrassing . Thanks for your help.

Kind regards

My OH, a sufferer, also drools and chewing gum stops it. He was very bad but for some unknown reason it now comes and goes. He was very bad at night when in bed and couldn’t chew gum but that has also improved and we do not know the reason. We have discovered that problems connected with PD seem to come and go.

Hi all, firstly thank you for reasons,I have tried the gum for the first time and it does work, regards things keep changing yes I know what you mean, it’s like all of a sudden the PD things it wants to retake the body and show you a new way of not work doing what
You could do the day before… I have noticed I am more drooling when doing some thing where it need me to consecrate or if I am watching television. This evening I have changed my Top a number of time, thank you once again, and take care .

Kind regards