Droopy/Dry Eye - anyone the same?

Morning everyone..

Usually not too bad with tolerating stuff... stiffness/slowness is the norm - but anyone experienced problems with droopy eyelid and/or this dry eye syndrome?

Must confess getting me down a bit as "is there all the time"... Optician says
'yes... that's what I think it is'... GP, lovely bloke, but naturally not a neuro expert, says tell Consultant when you next see him.... have heard it can be caused by the medication (been on dopamine agonist 18 months now)....but, expect you know,it gets so wearing... eyelid droops and if tired almost closes.. eyes feeling scratchy, red and burning... and a bit weepy... and then of course your mind plays tricks on what it could be... what could happen.. sure you know the feeling!!

Don't usually do this, but would appreciate anyone sharing, please...

Best wishes to you all... Bursardavid
hi bursardavid
this site looks useful
the suggestion to take some flaxseed oil sounds worth a go.
it is a listed side effect of ropinerole.
good luck
Hi Turnip...

You've been a good mate to me in the past... and thank you for doing
it again... Would have sent a "me to you" reply but think it would be
good for others to see (a) that I've looked at your suggestion and
found I 'ticked all the boxes!' (so got a good idea of what we're dealing
with)... and (b) it just goes to illustrate the sort of support we can be to
one another (and therefore no need to sit and fret - come onto the Forum
and there will always be somebody out there to help)..

Thank you again, mate!.. bursardavid..
My husband use to have a lot of trouble with dry /sticky eye and running . Still does but mainly running these days at the same time as a drooly mouth . Its particularly bad at themoment .

I foundthat making sure to cleanse the eyes /eyelashes with baby oil and baby wash in warm water helps but keep doing it and in the first place a few times a day . Do the same with the eyebrows and keep them trimmed that is if you are a man .lol Our gp told us to use Head and shoulders shampoo as well it helps with the dry oily skin on the face ears and head , I ignored it in the first place thinking it would be too strong , my husbands skin is quite fragile and blisters easily , but onece I did use it it worked .
I can relate to dry eye. Very irritating especially if you accidentely rub it when it is itching. To alleviate this I use GEL TEARS or SIMPLE EYE OINTMENT to substitute the tear drops that aren't there. This was recommended by the eye hospital specialist. I put it in my eye at night and next day is fine.
I can really reccommend the eye cleansing . It made a big difference . you mentioned the scratching vison value , it possibly because the eyelash becomes scurfy once I started doing it my husband had eyelashes and didnt know he had them lol . they looked longer and separated . Never thought to do it for myself lol will have a go and let you know because my eyelashes are not very long atall ..
His lashes would sometime turn inwards as well I thought it was a family thing his mothers did and had a small op on them . On reflection I believe she might have had parkinsons and her skin was always troublesome
Hi Johnnie & Visionvalue..

Looks like we all belong to the 'night owl'club!

...but really, just wanted to say a real "thank you" both for taking the time
Oops!... Pushed the wrong key!! .... It happens, doesn't it - just be grateful I'm not in charges of the four minute warning!!

But simply,again, thank you... Your messages, like Turnips, we're caring and encouraging ... and although initially I'd almost got
to the "panic" stage,' .. I'm much more content now.

Thanks again....bursardavid
This applies to me as well and I am grateful for the information. I had started bathing them and putting on compresses. GP does not want to prescribe anything strong. I wear contact lenses which I am not putting in so regularily now as they make it worse.
Hi everyone,

Just wanted to say how lovely it is to see so many of you helping each other out, that is what I call the Parky family working at it's best.
best wishes
Here here Vivian . It's what happens in a family who care... Or at least it should do..

I think inmost cases when you are first diagnosed with this dreadful illness you are left to your own devises , knowing very little and alone . Then you meet all these other lovely people .

I have had PD now for 11years.quite a few years ago(can’t remember how many) I noticed on my Parkinson’s side of the body that side of my face had dropped.it looked as if I had a stroke. My GP did tests couldn’t find a reason and said perhaps it might be due to PD ask the consultant. He said no it wasn’t PD. So I was stuck in no mans land.the droop in my eye got so bad it was all but closed and found it difficult to read. About a year ago my consultant referred me to the eye hospital. They reduced both my eyelids, it looked fine for a short time and now my eyebrow has started to drop over my eye. I don’t know where I go from here. I use optive eye drops many times in the day for the dryness but I do worry what’s going to happen next.