Dropped Foot

Does anyone have a problem with Dropped Foot . My husband drags his right foot and when turning is inclined to swivel round on it rather than lift it .

When going upstairs He cannot keep his foot straight it keeps dropping . This particularly difficult because he has to put extra weight on his left leg . He had a patello Femoral replacement in his left knee about a year ago so as you can imagine it's difficult for him .
Hi, I tend to drag my right leg/foot a lot especially when I'm tired and I can relate to the swivel rather then picking your foot up, I put it down to ridgidity and lack of concentration, it's hard to focus on walking properly and keeping your balance at the same time. Not sure what the solution is though, sorry I'm not much help.

Hi Johnnie,

I was referred to a physiotherapist for foot drop because I was having frequent falls from tripping over and when climbing stairs. I was given exercises to strengthen and lengthen the muscles and tips on how to improve my gait. I would approach your husband's GP or PD Nurse/Neurologist and ask for a referral for physiotherapy. Sometimes foot splints can help if foot drop is severe. A physiotherapist will be able to assess your husbands needs.

Best wishes

I have a dropped right foot, in fact it was one of my first symptoms. I also do the rotating about my foot to turn round thing. I do find it varies throughout the day according to how tired I am and what point I am at between doses of meds.
It was the lack of control in my right foot which forced me to stop driving as I couldn't shift my foot from the accelerator to the brake!
Thank you all for your replies . My husband has had physio etc but they didn't pick up the dropped foot maybe it wasn't as bad at that time .

He has been doing all the exercises , or at least what he can manage .

I will be getting in touch with them again and asking if they can come up with something to help .. I have been looking on line at the different aids but i am afraid some of them might be a little too strong !! I have to be careful of his skin that also can be very fragile .

Have you found that you might kick your foot out to compensate .my husband has always walked throwing his right leg out . The family use to say he walked liked his father .. Parkinsons doesnt happen overnight does it ..
I've had that problem with my left foot, sometimes it feels like it's glued to the floor.
The hospital have me an ankle-foot prosthesis which stops the dragging by holding my ankle rigid - only trouble is it makes going upstairs much harder.
Hi there
I have dropped foot on my left foot, however my specialist says mine is nothing to do with my PD, but some nearve damage in my knee. I used a product called Foot - up for about 2 years but seem not to need it. now.http://www.ossur.co.uk/pages/10372/

I haven't been diagnosed yet.but I'm having a slight problem driving with my right foot.it seems slow to come of the accelerator when changing gear.I wonder if this is the start of dropped foot.

My husband 'sfoot kept slipping off the pedal he just thought it was a slippery surface to the pedal they even changed it in the garage ..