Drug brands

Has anyone noticed a change in symptoms when a different brand of Carbidopa/Levodopa is sent from the pharmacy?
My husband has received the latest delivery of his and the make is Orion Pharma
He is not at all well and is wondering if it is the change in brand

yes---- not all generics are the same-----the main active ingredients are the same but the formulation can differ -different excipients=non active ingredients- for the majority of people-these make no difference- but for
some they affect how well the drug is absorbed. tell your GP/ chemist and get the brand your husband had previously

hi kk1
yes different brands have different availability and you should get the same brand each month
I had a different brand recently and just froze after 2 hours. When I started back on original brand the next day (thanks to pharmacist GP prescription team and husband) I was ok again. Quite unsettling

I’ve had parkinsons from age 36 yr old,just get your doctor or pd nurse to state teva brand only ! Co-caradopa are a generic brand and it does matter as these disbuse different into your blood stream. You have the right to change medication if your not getting along with the new ones.They say there is no difference but there is 100% just tell gp or pd nurse how your feeling