Drug Companies' Manoeuvring

Although the attached press article is over two years old it is every bit as relevant today as it was then - more so, probably.


It highlights how a whole string of small charities and patient groups which actively attack NICE, the NHS and HM Government about decisions NOT to provide certain expensive new drugs on the NHS all receive substantial funding from the drug companies.

It also notes that while those groups which DO accept drug company funding can be very vociferous about the "unfair" decisions of NICE/NHS/HMG, none of them is attacking the drug companies themselves for their exorbitant prices. Even though price reductions could resolve the original problem, i.e. decisions not to supply those drugs via the NHS due to high prices.

The drug companies have obviously calculated that they will get a better return on their investments if they spend a couple of million pounds maybe funding internal protest groups, rather than reducing prices, which would cost them many billions.

Nothing changes.
The Parkinson's Improvement Programme gets no drug industry support and is run as a charity.
The Programme has the possibility of saving the NHS tens of millions a year but is of no interest to industry - too cheap to make big profits from!

Ray, its called "Capitalism", that's why countries like the US are now below Cuba in the official world healthcare rankings. Given David Cameron is planning for our NHS to follow the US open market capitalist model, then we too will soon rank below Cuba in healthcare. This Government no longer sets the agenda or runs this country, its run by PLC and shareholders. PLC includes of course the major Drug Companies who are a major player in the UK's economy!

As the title of a documentary by the brilliant US film maker Michael Moore says, "Capitalism its a love affair". Well lets hope Mr Cameron's love affair in wanting to follow everything American ends soon.

Latest spin-offs from the Parkinson's Improvement Programme :

A lady aged 47 diagnosed as terminal colon cancer with liver metastasis after failed chemotherapy in March this yr started on 1 gram of palmitoyl ascorbate daily in April and is now putting on weight, feels better, has been on holiday and is looking forward to a scan in October. That's better than being dead by June as forecast. Cost 7p / day

A lady aged 72 had rheumatoid arthritis in her hands and could no longer grip to garden or even to get change from her purse. 5 ml fish oil and 1 gm palmitoyl ascorbate daily and ten days later all swelling gone and normal life resumed.
Cost 25p / day

There are other ways but big pharma can't make money out of them..