Exactly the phrase that I thought you would repost.

Work ethic!!

My OH worked 5 days a week, evenings and weekends, they had a work ethic, b****y hard work!!

So you are saying that as a PWP a strong work ethic and a cautious approach together with inability to deal with emotional baggage have been a factor in my developing PD.

If such traits do exist in all PWP,could they not be a symptom of PD? What evidence have you that they aren't?

Workshy, impulsive and uncaring emotionally is that the answer?

Everyone would benefit from dealing with emotional baggage and a calm mind, PD or no PD just as everyone I have spoken to has had a foot trauma at some point in their life
Leythur, to be fair I had both toe-nails off in my early teens. No dissociation though, it was ruddy sore from the initial in growing to the final tug on my nail quicks last stitch. I still squirm everytime I put on a sock and one of the stumps that used to be nail catches on a stump. Other than that £25 sounds too much. I need a book on how to recover the loss I suffered through dopamine dysregulatiin syndrome through taking prescribed dopamine agonists. Even then I'd wait got the 2nd edition.

For that reason, I'm out.
A weak liver is a feature of pd - not in any respectible scientific literature. Which liver function test is involved?
my pd began with a frozen shoulder which followed a heavy fall - because your depleted dopamine caused your foot to drag.
pd is not a chemical problem its more electrical - the chemicals ae used by the neurons to spark electrical activity
by brain had suddenly and inexplicbly ceased to produce dopamine - all scientific papers claim dopamine loss is gradual and the explanation is well known
energy channel - no-one has ever located or meeasured an energy channel or qi
dopamine activity in right caudate nucleus - of course it does, the paper involved is misinterpreted
full recovery is possible - alas no,it is not
researchers are bogged down in detail of brain chemistry - silly billies, they should be studying podiatry.
what is the point of arguing against this nonsense? where does one begin? the thousands of experiments on one side and the hocus pocus on the other? no sensible argument will ever persuade. no evidence will be counted. logic itself is irrelevant. words lose their tenuous connection to reality. we can believe anything we want. but all the time those naughty little alpha-synuclein proteins are spreading from cell to cell ignoring non-existant energy channels and ghostly qi, shutting down cells, reducing dopamine and eventually other neurotransmitters too. the glorious thing about science is it doesn't have to win arguments. science is the study of reality and in the end there is only one reality and all delusions will be brought face to face with the truth.
if you do have pd, some of the activities you recommend will help with symptoms but do little to stop the progress of the disease.
I remember stan laurel hurting Oliver Harry's foot and he didn't go on to develope pd.
I think you didn't have pd at all. I spotted the alleged mistake right at the start. Who goes to a neurologist with a sore shoulder? Gets dxd with pd and starts a cult selling books at £25 a pop. And telling us its our fault because our thinking is flawed our belief system is flawed. AND compound the temerity with blaming my feet.
I asked 3000 patients in my gp's with gout who went to a neuro for dx'nosys. All 3000 had a bad liver. I told them "take it back to the butchers, it's probably horse". All 3000 didnt have pd or believe In fairies.
I did try Thai chi, oh. No that was Thai green curry. I did try stopping my tablets, meditated for 2 weeks. I lost 7 stones in weight and my tremor stopped, I was free from pain, saw a bright light and ran towards it whereupon a gargantuan hand stopped me and told me to get henceforth back to whence I came from, get a few haggis suppers in me and to stop being so effing silly, and that next time I wont be so lucky.
You can read all about it in my new self help book "I can make up stuff too" under the pseudonym Dr Ken. Z. Farquhalle.
It's full of Thai,chi. And given your kidneys produce dopamine we examine how to safely ingest urine. I generally just go to the local swimming baths..oops giving away all me secrets off success. To get this and 1000's of top tips articles made up facts exercises ( sorry no time for punctuation) supplements to mprove your mood and energy improve your memory and avoid the grim reaper please send your cheque made out to CASH for the sum of not £25, not £20 but £59.99 !!!
Also in the series. Dr ken z farquhalle's DIY surgery.
In which he shows how to graft your kidneys to either ear, thus providing dopamine to the brain. In part 2 you are show how to build a dialysis machine out of an old fish tank.
100% success rate
Not heard 1 complaint (although trading standards did find a few half written notes beside half built dialysis machines with the suggestion Do This First .... Ugh.
Eck and turnip, knock it off! You're making me laugh so hard I think my tremor is increasing. Actually, if laughter is good for us, maybe you should keep writing: I'll be a "recovery" case in a few more posts!
Turnip - couldn't have put it better myself, so I didn't. Divvunt fritter away too much time trying to educate, they know already. What we have here is a bookseller with a book what needs flogging. Theirs was a case of balking tolloks to meet their own nafarious needs.
On the surface it seems a bit of harmless false hope. However, behind the scenes an alleged shady world of human trafficking and vice dens.
As my alter-ego, dr ken z farquhalle, was to find out as she went undercover in, that's right she - deal with it. Dealt with it? Good, I'll press on. (Those thongs dont half chafe on ones perineum, I've got a low rise to boot)

was to find out as she went undercover in "dr kenzee farquhalle investigates - the mountebanks and hobbledehoys of false hope" available from from me on DVD, comes in a plain discrete brown paper bag to ensure max suspicion and local gossip. Please include a cheque for the sum of £69.99 (incl post & packaging). I'll throw in a cd of my chart topping bag-pipe tune "perineum's lament".

All monies raised will go to two worthy causes. A) the filling my cake hole fund and 2) the perineum burns truss fund. (that's right truss - deal with it. Dealt with it? Good)

Also available in the dr kenzee farquhalle series
Robotic s&m (sparks and mensirs) 50 shades of red (ooh me bot-cheecks, never did me any harm)English 30 mins
Robotik sparkzen und markzen -funfzig strokezen auf rot, mitt ein kopf brushen und ein baffee mit müchten studzin (ooh mein gott in himmel. Bitte,michten ich habë einoonern üne)German 2. Hours
L'maniquèn de la spankeez -cinquante rougue unes sur mons derier( ooh la la, ma cherieê) French 14 hours and counting ....

(Nobuns was harmed in the making of this postig)
Wow just took my medication, I can't believe i made that entry, I hope I didn't upset anyone.

I meant to say posting, not postig. Soz about that.
Yes, Eck, as a former English instructor, I was VERY UPSET when you misspelled "posting." Any more of these typos and I may have to click on "Report this post."

Your posts make me smile each day when there is very little to smile about.

Thank you.

Thank you, now you've brightened up my day. Which is as well, cos apparently you all are to bathed in sunshine while I get precipitated upon from a great hight.

J of GC

Dr Kenze Farquhalle, das English Instrukteren und das Geheimnis
auf das rot rauchen hinter.

Will be available shortly from all shady DVD outlets ünter the coonter. (Yep to those who spotted it, that was close)
been a bit slow recently - only just got Dr KF's name. One of literature's great names. like shakespeare's Bottom or or Dicken's Bradley Headstone.
Not forgetting Slartibartfast. On that note I'll put any off topic posts in 'off topic' in the social area. Soz for any disruption.

Well I came to find out if Dr Janice Walton Hadlock was fake or fact... I've just spent the last hour or so reading (and laughing my head off at) the posts from, in particular, Eck!  

Hey Recovery,

How's everything going?

Hey Drug Free,

Have you been inside my head and taken all of these words - which I have to say you have written with eloquence?  I can't believe that I actually could have mirrored most of what you said!  I have chosen to not take any medication, partly because I don't feel ready to do that, but also because of all the side effects and addiction issues...

I found Dr Janice first and then Howard...  I have not yet found someone to do the Tui Na on me (I know you are supposed to be able to feel your own energy - and so notice if indeed it is going the wrong way - but I have been unsuccessful at this).  But I keep looking for someone every now and again.

I don't take all the supplements that you take, but I do begin each day by oil pulling with coconut oil, then at a couple of other times during the day I eat a spoonful of it.  I also have just recently started to improve my good bacteria in the gut - and also do brain wave meditation. 

Another new thing I've recently started doing is exercise with Dr. Sarah King (Invigorate Physical Therapy and Wellness) she has loads of stuff on YouTube that's just fabulous.


Keep on keeping on

loved reading your post!

Hi Recovery, are you still drug free? If so, how are you doing??big grin

Anyone know if this book is available from Amazon on the  kindle?   It's just ive got a book token burning a hole in my pocket     Or does anyone have a suggestion as to what I could do with it?


Fly fishing by J R Hartley ?



The beano ?  :)