Drug supplies post Brexit

I recently saw BBC footage of insulin being stockpiled to ensure the drug is available for diabetics after March 19.
Is anyone considering the impact of Brexit on the pd community? Where are our drugs manufactured?
I live half an hour’s drive from the Channel Tunnel and am very aware of the impact of any disruption to the Dover - Calais freight link.
We may have trade agreements in place for drug supplies but there could be blockades over fishing rights or any number of other hiccups.
Does anyone else share my concern?

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I haven’t been able to get Sinemet 12.5/50 for over 3 weeks now - due to both manufacturing and transport issues so daren’t think about Brexit implications!

I am finding it very difficult to build up ‘reserves’ - I am only allowed to order 28 days worth at a time and not allowed to request more until the middle of the following month allowing about a week for the pharmacist to fulfil the prescription. I have to order a prescription next week for the next batch to get me through Christmas/New Year and am getting quite anxious.

How do other people manage to build up reserves? I feel as if I’m just left to get on with it so agree it would be nice to know that someone is looking after the medication needs of the pd community.

I request my medication using my surgery’s online system and it’s always fulfilled very quickly. They then set the earliest allowed request date to 3 weeks ahead so, if I wanted to, I could gain a week with each prescription. As it is I’ve got it so that I have an extra month’s supply available.

I have had no trouble getting any of my sinemet make Mark & sharp 125mg / 62.5mg / 250mg cr .you should put your prescription in no later than 14 th December. You can always split your 125mg in half if your getting oval ones still.hope this helps a little.

I have not been able to get my full prescription of madopar filled and told to chase up in 2 weeks to see if the pharmacist has more in then. I’ve enough to see me into the new year and the I’m struggling. When I asked why I was told many medicines are in short supply -possibly brexit is the cause.

Have asked at a different pharmacy as they all use different suppliers, just give them a call to save time,you can always ask gp to fill another prescription for a different pharmacy. Let us know how you get on.