drug timing, cannabis oil and knees

I am taking ropinirol and silegiline once daily and sinemet 3x daily. I have found it very difficult to resolve the best intervals although the once daily drugs seem to operate quite well if taken in the middle of the night. I have just made matters more complicated by trying canabis oil. What is increasingly clear is that whatever the routine there are good days and bad days. Recently however I have got a lot stiffer and my left knee is extremely painful if I put any weight on it bent, ie going up stairs (not down), I was diagnosed four and a half years ago and had been doing very nicely but beginning to get seriously worried. Any timing advice or knee adice gratefully received!
I live alone.

Ajr the only thing i can say is keep that knee moving and good luck

Hi ajr,
I take 25ms/100 careldopa x3 times a day. 8am/1pm/6pm. I take Ropinerol 12mgs 9am ish after breakfast. So far its not too bad.