Dry mouth?

Hello Mary, asIqsaid, I cannot chew it, I swallow it, I always have done, I’m 63 now so I don’t think I’ll change now, do you, bye.

To all. I to have dry mouth at night. Just an observation from my experience. The times that it is worst is when my REM Sleep Disorder is at it’s worst. I talk, yell scream and fight. I do not live alone. My wife new I had this condition long before I did. So it is possible you may have it and not know.
That being said for myself it is a catch 22. Water works best. I also have constipation and water helps that. But then sleep is bothered by getting up to use the loo.(bathroom USA) I sleep in a recliner so not to injure my wife. By the recliner (Located where I have less chance to knock it over ) I keep a hospital pee pot. The pot is so I disrupt sleep the least time as possible. Water for me works best. As well as the meds to combat REM. Tom hope you find an answer.