Dry mouth?

I was diagnosed back in March but as much as two years prior to that I have experienced a very dry mouth every night. This wakes me up at least three or four times every night. I have to take a sip of water to unstick my tongue and cheeks before I’m able to resume my sleep. I’m told there are medications that might help but they have side effects, so has anyone else found a non-pharmaceutical remedy?


A dry mouth will eventually have a negative effect on your dental health. I had a dry mouth on occasions but not has bad as you. I told my dentist about it and he presribed a high flouride toothpase called Colgate Duraphat 5000 ppm. Using a mouth wash regularly also helps.

It seems to have sorted the problem.

Hope this helps

Hi Wildrover
I’m not happy with the idea of using a flouride toothpaste because flouride can do a lot of harm to the thyroid gland. It stops the thyroid from using iodine to make thyroxin. I’m really looking for a natural remedy that might bring the relief I need. I’ve seen it suggested that sucking a piece of lemon can help. I have tried this and it does make my mouth water (and my toes curl) but any benefit too quickly wears off. Being woken repeatedly with my tongue stuck to the roof of my mouth isn’t much fun!

I was diagnosed last January,I saw the Parkinson’s nurse 6 months after and told her about my dry mouth I get through the morning,she told me to suck on a sweet,this is also good if you tend to dribble,as it makes you swallow more,as for the dry mouth,a sweet gives you tongue something to do instead of sticking to the roof of your mouth,hope this works for you,good luck.

Hi borg3of21,

A very technical response, you have me concerned now. What does that mean in plain english. I do know that to much flouride isnt the best for you but what prescribed drug is? They all come with a huge list of potential issues. I suppose its a case of weighing up the benefits against the risks. All i know is I haven’t suffered from a dry mouth since using the toothpaste, never really thought about the risks…

Hi my dentist has just prescribed me oralieve mouth gel so far seems to be helping tho it’s only been a few days you can buy over the counter and you can use it as much as you want hope this helps

Hi Wildrover
Yes, there’s always side effects to consider with every medication, and as you say, it’s weighing up the benefits against the pitfalls. In my case, prior to my P diagnosis I thought I had a thyroid issue so I did a lot of research and that’s when I learned of the harm floride can do to the thyroid. Adding a drop or two of Lugal’s iodine to a glass of water will help counter any harm done by the floride, and I see that supplementing with iodine is strongly recommended for PwP anyway.

Hi Pete
Yes I’ve tried this but for me it only allieviated the dry mouth for a very short while, no longer in fact than sipping some water. Luckily I only get my dry mouth at night. It’s just a real nusence!

Bioxtra gel mouth spray for dry mouths you can get this on prescription

I use Boots expert dental dry mouth spray cost £2.50 for 50ml spray bottle and I find it does give quick and instance a lot better than sipping water.

This has turned into a very informative post. Made me think twice now about using that high flouride toothpaste. Think I will skip it, see if my dry mouth issue comes back and if it does try some of the other remedies suggested.

Cheers guys

Hi again Wildrover
I think you are very wise to consider avoiding floride toothpaste. Just do a search of the web and you will find lots stuff about how harmful floride (and clorine and bromide) can be to the correct functioning of the thyroid. In my case, i was given potassium bromide as a child. I can’t recall why but I think it left a legacy of poor thyroid function.
My dry mouth only happens from about 2am through to when I get up. I can only think it’s a Parkinson’s thing since it’s been happening long brfore I started on Benildopa, so it’s not a medication side effect. I try to get to bed early so as to get some quality sleep before 2pm. This doesn’t suit my wife. She’s rarely in bed before midnight. This is why I’m trying to find a solution to the dry mouth problem.

Hi Borg3of21,

Yes it is definitley a Parkinson’s thing. Saying that, its one of my major issues with this dam illness. You tend to put every ache and pain down to PD, I have had a clicking and now painful and stiff shoulder for some time now. I suspect it may be arthritis but always seem to get fobbed off as a PD problem.

Anyway thanks for posting, forewarned is forearmed as the saying goes

I have been given some Salivix pastilles …little red jelly like chewable things which make your mouth much better! It’s a dreadful feeling isn’t it…but these work. I get mine on prescription from the chemist . Ask your GP do Good luck

Have you ruled out your current medications? I was on Exenatide which did excactly what you described to me. Changed to Tamsulosin and problem gone.

The only medication I’m on is benildopa and my dry mouth started well before I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s. Back then I was on amlodapine and candesertan for yhpertension. Having learned about the long-term harm they can do I chose to stop them both but it didn’t ‘cure’ my dry mouth, unfortunately.

How about chewing gum- that increase saliva?

Have the same problem with having a dry mouth, not only at night but also throughout the day. I suck on sugar free sweets which helps me . Found nothing else that helps

Hello, I’ve tried chewing gum, but as far back as I can remember I always chew it for a short while then swallow it, I’ve got through a pack of 7 sticks of wrigly’s in 10 minutes flat, know what I mean, bye.

Wag I to was told my PD nurse to try gum I chew for a short time then thow it in a bin don’t keep swallowing it you will block up your pipes, the hardest part is finding shops that sell Wrigles, but it works (well for me)