Dry Mouth

Hi, my mother-in-law suffers from a very dry mouth with Parkinsons. Has anybody got any suggestions as to what may help?

My mother has this too, I’m very interested to hear if anyone has any tips,Best of luck to your mother-in-law

Thanks Jimmy, hope someone has some suggestions as this really distresses her

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Hi to both @Jimmy and @OxfordMoo, Welcome to our friendly forum. I noticed that no one had added suggestions on this so I thought I’d jump on and make some myself.

People with Parkinson’s can experience different mouth and dental problems, including too much or too little saliva. We have a lot of information about this here: Mouth and dental issues | Parkinson's UK. You’ll see quite a few suggestions on improving this uncomfortable situation, including sugar-free gum and lip salve. There are also some don’ts like don’t smoke and don’t sip sugary drinks between meals.

I do hope this helps but come back and let everyone know.

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Hi. My speech therapist suggested Oralieve for my dry mouth. I spray it onto my cheeks and tongue and it certainly helps. I get it on prescription. Hope this helps.


Hello @OxfordMoo,
I have suffered with dry mouth for years and it is not something to ignore as it can lead to dental issues, especially tooth decay and receding gums. There are several thingsthat you can try, if these apply. Give up smoking, reduce caffinated drinks and replace with ordinary tap water and using an appropriate mouth wash after brushing teeth and in between as necessary.
If none of these apply or have already been tried then you can buy dry mouth spray, there will be plenty out there but my own preference is “Boots expert dental dry mouth spray”. This will give instance relief but I do find it does not last that long.
I asked my Dentist (non nhs as who can find one these days) for advice and they suggested that I try Saliveze® Oral Spray, they told me to speak with my GP and ask them to prescribed Saliveze® Oral Spray as it would save me money as the charge for a prescription from the dental practice is £20!
Hope you find something to help your Mother in Law :sunglasses: