Dry Mouth

Whenever I talk to people my mouth goes dry. I am on mirapex and amantadine. Is dry mouth a symptom of PD or is it caused by the meds? Does anyone else have it. If they do, what helps the condition (other than the obvious - drinking water). I have to testify in a trial in October and am not looking forward to doing so with my mouth dry. Thanks for any information.
probably the meds but, and i speak from expensive experience - keep a close eye on your teeth, a dry mouth especially at night leaves teeth without the protection of saliva and the acid eats away enamel!!! this can happen quite rapidly. sugar free chewing gum works very well but too much loosens the bowels. i believe a drop of lemon juice also stimulates saliva. you can also get enamel protecting toothpaste.

Thank you for your reply. My mouth gets exceedingly dry at night so your warning and advice are very much appreciated. I will try the lemon strategy. Thanks again.
My husband had dreadful dry mouth especially in the morning now its the other way around he is drooling a great deal of the time .