Dry Skin

My skin is awful dry especially my face,arms and legs and has been for months.
I am using E45 lotion several times daily. My legs look like they have dandruff!
Is this just a personal problem or are there more sufferers out there?

my dad did have that but it did come and go but means your using the e45 cream quite a bit even though you can use it as many times as you like why dont you see a doctor to see what he could recommend?

SincePD dx & starting ropinerole I have developed an intermittent rash on my face - red patches which shed white flakes. I was given E45 during a stay in hospital but later told by a nurse not to use it. She recommended Aqueous Cream BP. A GP prescribed a hydrocortisone cream, but the information leaflet clearly states that it is not to be used on the face.
Sorry, I am not being very helpful. I have noticed that the rash seems to coincide with illness eg an infection, or particularly stressful times. I now use Aqueous cream BP several times a day. The rash gets worse before it gets better but it does eventually clear

Thanks to both of you for replying,I was on Requip when the rash started along with palpatations so I was put on Mirapexin, the palpatations stopped but I still have the red dry skin. My gp gave me the e45 lotion plus later e45 anti itch cream and Fucidin cream. they all work to a certain extent then it appears again.
i will try the Aqueous cream - see if it cures the dandruff on my legs. lol

I am a carer for my wife who has parkinson's. I get the same. I have put it down to the heating system in the car. When I can I keep the AC turned off and not having the heating blowing too hot.

Forgot to add a few months ago they found that Aqueous cream BP makes the skin thiner so making rashes worse.

My husband has the skin problem all over including face and hair eyebrows and lids ./. DRY/greasy .. We have everything tried .

Our GP suggested we use Head and Shoulders shampoo . Try it for a week , and then as needed . I dont see any reason why it cant be used occassionally all over the body . It is helping my husband

I have a variety of dry skin creams and lotions which all promised to do wonders for my skin and they have all failed miserably. However the past two weeks i`ve been using Aveeno bath and shower oil,and Aveeno daily moisturising lotion and I can honestly say there`s an improvement - no `dandruff` on my legs now.
My daughter has started using it after seeing the difference in my skin.
I bought mine from Boots chemists, maybe the oil based products would help some of you too.

I have a similar rash on occasion. GP thought it might be mild rosacea.I was given a liquid called clindamycin trade name DalacinT. i only use it occasionally but it works a treat. Lots about rosacea on the internet. Medicine is on prescription so need to see doc.

I too suffer from dry skin (especially around my nose)it is so bad that it peels off in big flakes. This only started when I was diagnosed with PD and started on Requip XL. I have to have regular facials (once a month) which does help and I use E45 lotion, I do still get some flakey skin but its not so bad now as to what it was.
Jan xxx

I find E45 lotion excellent, couldn't exist without it!

It seems rashes and dry skin is a parkie thing or is it the meds that cause it?
before using the cream I have now, I had visions of the wee trail of skin following me and my o/h with a brush and shovel.

Val :laughing::laughing:

I wholeheartedly agree abouit the E 45 cream ,

Something else to try .. Our GP told us to use head and shoulders . I also use this once a week and pay attentions to my husbands eyebrows which I trim to keep short they also become crusted and inside the ears .

I was nervous about using it thinking it might be too strong but it has no adverse effects so far


Same here. Very embarrassing, I can’t shave because my skin bleeds, so I keep a beard. Which sheds blizzards of dandruff. Dry flaky skin all around my nose, and on my hands which sometimes look like they are peeling. Parkinson’s! Such a generous disease!!


Hi everyone I know a little late to this topic, but I am like a scaly fish my skin just flakes off, but know
I have got some acquiesce cream and Aveeno cream which seems to help a lot. I hope this helps some one else.

All the best Raz